Tech Works: a Guide to Humane Employee Offboarding

This article features Jessica Brown Wilson via The New Stack.

The tech industry invests loads in onboarding, but often overlooks employee offboarding as a valuable tool to ease transitions and be kinder to former teammates.

Tech layoffs continue to dominate our social media feeds. And, as several tech companies report record earnings, a lot of it feels egregious, senseless and arbitrary. While nobody likes goodbyes, there are better ways to go about it.

Losing a job can be brutal, but some companies are making it feel worse for workers than it needs to be. Heck, a lot of tech workers aren’t even sure if they’ve been laid off or if their Slack is just down. And this often public, very negative experience means those that survive the first cut quickly start shopping around.

No matter whose choice it is to leave, the tech industry really should be adopting a more humane employee offboarding process. Here’s some guidance — and some reasons why breaking up the right way matters.

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