Oliver Sillett

Oliver has a strong background in sales, marketing and business management, working with existing IR members in developing and supporting their international marketing strategy. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing, Oliver is well-versed in working with firms from various sectors and working cultures. Oliver provides support to members on a daily basis to ensure that results and expectations are delivered. He is also actively involved in the growth and development of IR, sourcing only the highest quality boutique and mid-sized firms.

Oliver’s personal interests are predominately revolved around sports, mainly football, boxing, golf and tennis. However most of his spare time is taken up dog-walking and chasing after his puppy, Floyd. Aside from that, Oliver has a particular interest in film, music and tv quiz shows.

“I take real satisfaction in bringing two unfamiliar firms together and seeing relationships blossom, both professionally and personally. To know that you have made a meaningful contribution to a member’s business is really rewarding.

Also, having the opportunity to meet members in person and travel across the globe to the various IR events is a personal highlight.”