Digital Partners

Our esteemed digital partners support IR Global by regularly attending our conferences and dedicating time to collaborating with members nationally & internationally. They often feature across all our platforms and utilise our PR strategy to help engage with a global audience.

Rebecca Torrey


Michael Einbinder


Torben Welch


Thomas Paoletti



MOTY 2023Paul was Member of the Year in 2023

Rebecca has been an IR Global member since 2015 and has regularly attended IR Global events across the globe. She is also an IR Global Gold member which is an achievement earnt through her dedication to working with fellow members and her commitment to enhancing the group further.


Michael has been an IR Global member since 2017 and beings over 30 years of experience to the group.


Torben has been an IR Global member since 2019 and is Head of the Messner Reeves Utah office, and licensed in multiple states including Colorado New York and Utah.


Kyle has been an IR Global member since 2017 and has regularly attended IR Global events across the globe.

Kyle Broadhurst has been practicing law in the Cayman Islands since 2001. His areas of experience include insolvency, bankruptcy, fraud, judgment enforcement, trust and complex commercial disputes.  Kyle is accustomed to tackling challenging areas of the law which is reflected in him having appeared in nearly fifty reported decisions. He is regularly instructed in high value matters with multi-jurisdictional elements.

BROADHURST LLC is an offshore corporate and litigation boutique operating in and from the Cayman Islands. We work closely with our clients to identify and resolve their legal matters with practical solutions.

Paul has been an IR Global member since 2013 and as one of our longstanding members, providing much value to the overall network. He is very active at our conferences and regularly engages with other members from across the globe.

He developed his experience in international accountancy services working for his father’s business. Having started and grown his own firm in London and the surrounding area, he has since expanded to Australia and New Zealand. He is currently a resident of Auckland but remains a frequent visitor to the UK and still has strong family and personal ties to the UK and has a home in London.

Thomas has been an IR Global member since 2016 and is a familiar face at our conferences. He often engages with fellow members during our events and as Committee Member for the MENA Forum group.

He has acquired specific expertise in the Gulf States, assisting companies in terms of overseas investment and internationalization in the Middle East, offering legal support throughout the planning stage and specialist assistance in establishing and running the overseas business.