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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Banking & Finance and Real Estate in Utah since 2019

Torben Welch

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Head of the Messner Reeves Utah office, and licensed in multiple states including Colorado New York and Utah, Torben Welch has built his legal expertise by aiding in the resolution of complex business and commercial transactions. His industry experience includes banking and financial institutions, corporations and businesses and he has a side interest in representing professional sports franchises. Among outside general counsel responsibilities, Torben has legal expertise in enterprise strategic planning, asset acquisitions, cyber-security, contract and lease negotiation, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, workout and recovery strategy (including representation of creditors in bankruptcy matters) for both domestic and international clients. Mr. Welch focuses on litigation prevention but serves as a trial attorney performing independent internal and external investigations or appeals hearings as needed.


About Messner Reeves LLP


We Are a Full-Service Business Law Firm

Messner Reeves provides the full range of legal services to a diverse group of clients—from Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs. We are as excited about working with the small business owner as we are the largest corporation because, for us, it’s all about maximizing potential. We develop the legal strategies that can help propel the minor operation to the next level or the next ten levels—whether that means doubling in size or becoming a worldwide, publicly traded enterprise. We serve family-owned and emerging enterprises, entrepreneurs, insurance carriers and agencies, banks and other financial institutions, venture capital funds, engineering firms, real estate developers, and individuals.

A Unique Perspective

No other law firm is structured quite like we are. At Messner Reeves, we act as general counsel to an amazing array of clients which makes us a large consumer of legal services on our clients’ behalf.  That means we are able to maintain a perspective—as both a client and a firm. 

What to Expect

We figured out a long time ago that clients want only the best!

  •  Great quality  •  Great service  •  Great value  •  The highest level of professional integrity

And that’s what we deliver—effective legal counsel with a quick response and professional integrity in all we do.  

Close Working Relationships

We counsel clients with great personal attention. “We work to understand your business and what you are trying to accomplish.  We look at creative and flexible solutions to solve complex problems.  And we do it in partnership with you.” — Bryant S. “Corky” Messner    

We Are Proficient and Skilled

The attorneys at Messner Reeves represent the highest standards in the legal profession.  The firm is AV peer review rated by Martindale Hubbell Law Directory, the authoritative source for information on attorneys and law firms worldwide.  An AV rating is the highest awarded.  It confirms that our partners have reached the height of professional excellence, skill, and integrity.    Even more, we judge our own performance by the success we achieve for clients—from individuals to institutions and small business owners to large corporations.


Exclusive IR Global advisor for Banking & Finance and Real Estate in Utah

13894 South Bangerter Parkway Suite 200 Draper Salt Lake City UT 84020