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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Law , Employment Law (Corporate) and Employment Law (Individuals) in Venezuela since 2020

Francisco A. Casanova

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Founding partner of Ponte Andrade Casanova since the year 2005. He is a lawyer graduated from the Catholic University Andrés Bello in the year 1977, and postgraduate studies at Cornell University, NY, USA, where he earned a master’s degree in Regional planning in 1983. Francisco’s practice areas include Corporate law, Labor & Employment Law, Social Security, Occupational Health and Safety and insurance.

Has been a professor at the Institute of Insurance and the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and served as lecturer in matters related to insurance, social security, pensions and occupational health and safety in institutions such as: ANRI; AVE CAMCARONI; Chamber of Caracas; Miranda Chamber, Electrical Sector.

He has been a member of the board of Directors of Banco Exterior, Seguros Anauco, Venezuelan Chamber of Insurance, the National Insurance Council, and Seguros Comerciales Bolivar (Caracas).

He is co-author of the book: “Organic Law on Prevention, conditions and working environment (LOPCYMAT). Fulfillment and responsibilities. Analysis and experiences 2005-2010.

President of the committee of Social Security of FEDECAMARAS (main organization of business and industry associations of Venezuela, made up of entrepreneurs from all economic sectors of the country) and member of the Committee of occupational health and safety (SHA) of the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VenAmCham).


About Ponte Andrade & Casanova

Ponte Andrade & Casanova

Ponte Andrade & Casanova was established in 2005. Its founders, Ignacio T. Andrade M. and Francisco A. Casanova S. created the law firm Andrade Casanova in 1998, and Ignacio Ponte B., who worked for more than 20 years at the law firm Rosales Ponte & Gonnella. Ponte Andrade & Casanova is recognized for the excellence of its legal services, with professionals with more than 40 years of professional practice, postgraduate studies abroad, academic and associations experience and specialization in various areas, which allows to offer legal advice services in the fundamental areas of law applicable to industry, commerce and individuals. Ponte Andrade & Casanova maintains excellent relationships with law firms from other countries, allowing it to offer a bilingual, comprehensive, and universal service.

The Firm’s main objective is to provide comprehensive, effective, and efficient responses to the needs of its clients. Our team practices the profession following the principles that frame law, justice and ethics.

The Firm clients are domestic and foreign companies, dedicated to a variety of business: banking, insurance, labor, occupational health and safety, oil and mining, pharmaceutical, land, real state, sea and air transportation, communications, construction, manufacturing, cosmetics, cleaning articles, food and other articles of human consumption, computing and electronic equipment.

Ponte Andrade & Casanova has participated in professional and technical teams that have contributed to the formulation of high-significance laws in Venezuela.


Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Law , Employment Law (Corporate) and Employment Law (Individuals) in Venezuela

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    Corporate Law , Employment Law (Corporate) and Employment Law (Individuals) in Venezuela

    Ignacio T. Andrade

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