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Auditor / Tax Consultant, Audalis Kohler Punge & Partner mbB

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Christian Brütting is a partner at audalis, Kohler, Punge & Partner – an independent, full-service firm specialized in business, legal, taxation and auditing consultancy services in the Ruhr area in Germany. His key areas are domestic and international tax structuring. His areas of focus include also corporate valuation and family office management. As an expert in business management consulting, he regularly advises clients in key aspects of business organization, such as due diligence, compliance projects, company assessments, relocation of operations, as well as planning and support issues associated with family office. In previous years, he served as a Co-leader of the Expert Committee on Capital Investment/Banking and Capital Market Law of the Association of German Portfolio Management Tax Consultation (DVVS) and as a member of the Advisory Board for Banking of the Tax Consultant Association of Westfalen-Lippe.


Automobiles & parts

Family businesses

General industrials

Not for profit organisations

Owner managed businesses

Curriculum Vitae

Studied economics at Ruhr University in Bochum

Operational and managerial positions in accounting and management consulting firms and in the financial industry

2010 Joined the partnership audalis Kohler Punge & Partner mbB

2013 (until 2019 ) Co-Head of Investment Committee/Banking and Capital Markets Law of the German Association of Property Advisors (DVVS)

2014 (until 2019 ) Member of the Advisory Board of the Steuerberaterverband Westfalen-Lippe

2017 Became a partner

Consulting focal points:

National and international tax structure advice for companies and entrepreneurs including succession)

Family office

Transfer of functions and transfer prices

Company valuation

Commercial and tax valuation of financial instruments (operating and private assets)

Business consulting (including due diligence, compliance projects)


About Audalis Kohler Punge & Partner mbB

Audalis Kohler Punge & Partner mbB



Anyone who wants to run a successful business must be well prepared and vigilant. However, in some cases, important potential risks are not identified in time.

This is where our auditors can be of help. Not only do we check your accounts, we also analyse your business in depth.

In particular, we examine your key processes in detail, be these control systems, risk management processes or investments.

We then translate our findings into constructive recommendations to ensure your business is well-prepared for the future.

It is our goal at all times to set you and your business on the path to success.

Legal advice


We are your strong partner for legal matters. We can advise you on all legal issues related to your company and without ignoring your personal needs.

We steer your business safely through all situations, giving you advice at shaping your future and not just be active in the process. You can count on us, whether you are just starting your company up, restructuring, selling or dealing with a crisis.

As your legal strategist in a commercial law firm, we know that being an entrepreneur requires a much wider perspective than just looking at the letter of the law. That is why we always look at your case “with different eyes” to ensure that the overall package is right.

So you have everything under control.

Business consulting


A successful company works like a Swiss watch. Every component has to engage with the next one with the right rhythm.

Our business consultants make sure that your business keeps perfect time.

As project managers, we check your structures and increase your efficiency. We define goals with you and develop strategies to achieve them. We also support you for any personnel need, helping you secure the brightest minds.

And we are there for you when it comes to the crunch.

Helping you overcome any challenge.

IT consulting


Progressive digitisation is leading to profound upheavals in all sectors. Workflows are being restructured and streamlined using information technology.

We support your digital transformation, clarify the technical and legal framework and take care of your information security ensuring that you are well prepared for the changed market conditions.

Our close cooperation with experienced IT experts enables us to find quick and efficient individual solutions.

We can turn technical progress into an opportunity for your company.

Tax advice


The pace of life is constantly accelerating. Tax laws are also changing at an increasingly rapid pace. We help you to keep up – and to get the best out of it for your company and for yourself.

We do not hide behind meaningless sentences. We speak plain English. So you can always see clearly. Whether you want to restructure your company or you want to arrange your succession – we draw up tailor-made solutions.

Even if your tax issues cross national borders, we travel with you. There is no such word as complicated with us. We make things transparent and understandable.

So you can make the best decision.


Exclusive IR Global advisor for Wealth Management in Germany

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