Energy & Environmental

Our Cross Border Energy & Environmental group has member firms in 30+ jurisdictions around the world.

Globalisation means that Energy & Environmental matters often arise across multiple jurisdictions. We are able to cross borders and work as a team to ensure that each issue is handled efficiently in accordance with the laws of each relevant country.

Why Use an IR Global Energy & Environmental Member?

Our Energy & Environmental members are known for innovative work in the energy, power and utilities sector. Energy law covers all aspects of renewable and non-renewable energy, from sales and financing to regulation. Our members often find themselves dealing with permitting, extraction, taxation, distribution and siting for forms of energy like oil and coal, as well as for newer varieties such as wind, solar and nuclear power.

Collaboration is the key to this group’s world-leading service. With a pool of expertise spanning areas including corporate, M&A, project financing, commercial, construction, planning, real estate, environmental, and disputes at our disposal, our members view complex energy projects from all angles.

For this reason, the IR Energy & Environmental Group is fast becoming the ‘go to’ global alternative for international businesses and individuals with complex or sensitive Energy & Environmental issues. Get in touch and see how we can help you!

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