The Asia/Pacific Group is a platform that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries with interests in Asia and across the Pacific.

The group helps those doing business in Asia and the Pacific thanks to a strong emphasis on understanding the cultural issues and needs on both in/out-bound work. The value offered by our Asian professional services network to the business community is unrivalled.

Members have close cooperation and work together from all over the globe to development business opportunities for the client.

Functions of the Asia/Pacific Group

  • Information exchange between members
  • Business Cooperation between firms and jurisdictions
  • Explore the full potential of businesses through a think tank of experts
  • Promotion within the Asian markets and accompanying events

If any member or user wishes to discuss Asia/Pacific related topics/business, then please feel free to contact the committee directly. You can obtain their contacts details, by clicking on their individual profiles.

Steering Committee

Search members within this group:

  • Nicholas V. Chen
    Mergers & Acquisitions in China and Mergers & Acquisitions in Taiwan

    Nicholas V. Chen

    MOTY 2014Nicholas V. was Member of the Year in 2014
    Partner, Pamir Law Group
  • Seema Jhingan
    Private Equity & Venture Capital in India

    Seema Jhingan

    Partner, LexCounsel
  • Ross Koffel
    Commercial Law , Corporate Law , Family Law and Trusts & Estates in Australia

    Ross Koffel

    Executive Chairman, Koffels Solicitors & Barristers
  • Aliff Fazelbhoy
    Employment Law (Corporate) and Employment Law (Individuals) in India

    Aliff Fazelbhoy

  • Robert H. Schuler
    Banking & Finance , Commercial Arbitration , Commercial Litigation , Corporate Law , Crypto and Digital Asset Advisory , Real Estate and Tech-Media-Telecoms in Thailand

    Robert H. Schuler

    Senior Partner, Blumenthal Richter & Sumet
  • Peter C. Pang
    Corporate Law , IP – Patents and IP – Trademark & Copyright in China

    Peter C. Pang

    Principal Attorney and Managing Partner, IPO Pang Shenjun
  • Dr. Xu Guojian
    Commercial Arbitration in China

    Dr. Xu Guojian

    Senior Partner, SGLA Law Firm
  • James Conomos
    Commercial Litigation and Insolvency in Australia

    James Conomos

    Founder and Principal Partner, James Conomos Lawyers
  • Jeremy Cousins
    Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation , Employment Law (Corporate) and Employment Law (Individuals) in Australia

    Jeremy Cousins

  • Julia Koffel
    Commercial Law , Corporate Law , Family Law and Trusts & Estates in Australia

    Julia Koffel

    Group Company Secretary, Koffels Solicitors & Barristers
  • Subramanian Pillai
    Commercial Arbitration , Commercial Litigation and Corporate Law in Singapore

    Subramanian Pillai

    Partner, CNPLaw LLP
  • Valeriano Del Rosario
    IP – Trademark & Copyright in Philippines

    Valeriano Del Rosario