NetDocuments helps legal professionals do their best work with a complete end-to-end platform for document and email organisation and management.

Improve Document Collaboration: Whether you work in emaildocuments, or Teams, NetDocuments makes it easy to access the right content and collaborate with internal and external parties from anywhere, on any device — without your documents ever leaving the security of your document management system. 

Save Time for More Focus on Client Service: When you don’t have to waste time creating, finding, researching, bundling, sharing…you gain back time that can be spent on higher-value work and delivering quicker and more accurate, consistent service, which results in happy clients and better retention.

Maximise the Value of Your Tech: Practice management systems, file folders, and commercial file storage weren’t built to support lawyers throughout the complexities of the legal document lifecycle. NetDocuments provides a better way to work that can easily integrate with and elevate your other core technologies.

Reduce Risk and Gain Confidence: With award-winning security built for the needs of lawyers and their clients, NetDocuments protects sensitive client information, ensuring compliance and confidentiality — and helps you avoid the potentially devastating results of a data breach.

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