Our publications are coordinated via our various practice group steering committees. They each provide multi-jurisdictional perspective and thought leadership on the key issues affecting businesses today.

  • IR Global Insights:

    When Covid-19 first surged across continents, most companies had to mothball projects, downsize and quickly review their costs, supply chains, sales strategy and customer relationships. US-based Danny Cortenraede, managing partner of Wannahaves and president of 433 digital medic agency, was typical of business leaders affected by the pandemic. After quickly downsizing operations and taking a… Read more

    • Isabella Bertani, BBA, FCPA, FCA, MBA
      Company Formations and Foreign Direct Investment in Canada – East and Company Formations and Foreign Direct Investment in Canada – Quebec

      Isabella Bertani, BBA, FCPA, FCA, MBA

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      Founder and Chief Client Strategist, BERTANI
  • International Trade:

    Global Trade: Combating protectionism and the pandemic The past 18 months were a huge shock to international trade as increasing protectionism and Covid-19 wrought havoc with all previous forecasts and economic roadmaps. Many business analysts predicted that the double whammy of protectionism and pandemic would spell an end to globalised trade. Indeed, if we roll… Read more

    • Katherine Evans
      Commercial Law , Crypto and Digital Asset Advisory and Tech-Media-Telecoms in England

      Katherine Evans

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      Senior Partner, Mirkwood Evans Vincent
  • Establishing growth:

    Universal Panacea: How will business be tied to the success of the Covid-19 vaccine? As the vaccine for Covid-19 started to roll out across the world by June 2021, professional advisors and their clients were becoming cautiously optimistic that business would start to recover – in certain sectors at least. By mid-June, upwards of 2.7… Read more

    • Rebecca Torrey
      Employment Law (Corporate) and Employment Law (Individuals) in California

      Rebecca Torrey

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      Partner, The Torrey Firm
  • Day of Reckoning:

    Insolvencies: The next pandemic? When the UK government recently paid Cardiff Airport’s £42.6 million debt and then provided £42.6 million in grants, it was following the same path adopted by governments around the world to try to bring long-term stability to businesses during the pandemic. Emergency measures like these were designed to protect companies during… Read more

  • Force Majeure:

    Defining ‘Force Majeure’ in a post-Covid landscape In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic tanked economies, disrupted global supply chains and brought businesses to their knees. With the advent of regulations enforcing social distancing and working from home, organisations have been scrutinising con – tracts with suppliers and partners to find out how their rights and obligations… Read more

  • The Evolution of the Cannabis Industry:

    Coming of Age: Why legislation is finally catching up with cannabis While the world has been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic during the past 18 months, one business sector that has quietly come of age during that time is the cannabis industry. Nowhere has this been more evident than the United States. By the start… Read more

  • The Middle East & North Africa:

    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a hugely diverse cultural and geographical mix that stretches from Morocco in northwest Africa to Iran in Southwest Asia. The region is home to a range of economies with vastly different levels of openness to international trade and investment. But with the help of international organisations… Read more

    • Wissam Abousleiman
      Tax (Accountants) in Lebanon

      Wissam Abousleiman

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      Managing Director, Abousleiman & Co
  • Meet the Members

    Staying ahead of the curve – Navigating the Central & Eastern Europe ecosystem & choosing the right advisor During the past two decades the key nations of Central and Eastern European (CEE) have grown significantly following moves to liberalise their economies. On average Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, to name a few,… Read more

  • Remote Working:

    The past year has witnessed a huge remote working experiment for many of the world’s businesses and their employees as a result of Covid-19. And, for many, these new working practices have become hugely complex depending on where in the world business owners and employees have suddenly found themselves. Almost overnight, people are in uncertain… Read more

  • Real Estate Recovery:

    How the Real Estate industry will bounce back from the global pandemic As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt businesses across the world, one of the biggest debates being played out is the future of property – in the city centres and suburbs; in office space, commercial and residential. Just what will the world of… Read more

    • Howard Colman
      Commercial Arbitration and Commercial Litigation in England

      Howard Colman

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      Managing Partner, Colman Coyle
  • Getting to know the UBO

    Why the latest directive on UBOs is critical to combat corporate crime When the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive was introduced into law by the UK and EU in January 2020, for many professionals it was a much needed addition to legislation that would significantly help business transparency and combat money laundering. In essence, it was… Read more

    • Paul Beare
      Company Formations in England

      Paul Beare

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      Founder, Paul Beare Ltd
  • Home Sweet Home:

    Living, working and dying in the digital age The baby boomers of the 1960s will have the dubious distinction of being the first generation who will continue to live on long after they’ve died – accolades traditionally associated with pharaohs and dictators. Many high flyers in their twilight years have acquired digital assets that have… Read more

    • João Valadas Coriel
      Commercial Litigation , Real Estate and Tax (Private Client) in Portugal

      João Valadas Coriel

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      Managing Partner, Valadas Coriel & Associados