IR Global – Meet the MembersAsia-Pacific and The Middle East & Africa

APAC has recently been described by the IMF as a “bright spot in a slowing global economy”. It is forecast to be the fastest-growing region in the world economy in 2023, with the IMF estimating that it will contribute 70% of global growth throughout the course of the year. China and India alone are set to contribute more than half of overall global growth, while the likes of Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines are returning to robust pre-pandemic growth.

APAC and Africa are diverse and multifaceted regions. APAC is set to contribute 70% of global growth whilst Africa is showing remarkable resilience in many sectors. We’ll learn from our members what this means for those looking to do business in these regions.

In the following pages you will hear from 19 of our members throughout the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East & Africa, discussing the important updates and opportunities available in their jurisdictions. Our member firms featured retain a global support network across 165+ jurisdictions via their IR Global membership, sharing a common vision of working collaboratively to achieve unrivalled results for their clients.