A New Place to Call Home Residency –

Successful people are heavily focused on wealth creation, but the protection and enjoyment of that wealth are equally important.

Multiple jurisdictions around the world are keen to attract high net worth individuals to invest and reside in their countries, offering incentive schemes in exchange for investment.

Intelligent tax planning can provide access to those schemes, minimising tax on foreign-sourced income and reducing or eliminating other personal taxes, such as capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Private client advisors can use these incentives to help high net worth families relocate, waiving visa regulations or residency requirements in exchange for financial investment or a flat tax. The benefits are mutual, giving HNW families access to new cultures while providing a boost to local economies via the influx of wealthy individuals.

With this in mind, IR Global brought seven members of its Private Client Group together to discuss the situation for high net worth clients considering investment or relocation in their respective jurisdictions. The aim of the feature is to give members and their clients’ valuable insight into relevant incentive schemes and tax legislation. We also assess the real estate markets, company formation requirements and benefits available to people with resident status.

The following discussion involves IR Global members from Italy, Portugal, Malta, United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand and Curacao.

Contributing Advisors

  • João Valadas Coriel
    Commercial Litigation , Real Estate and Tax (Private Client) in Portugal

    João Valadas Coriel

    goldJoão is a gold member
    MOTY 2018João was Member of the Year winner in 2018
    Managing Partner, Valadas Coriel & Associados
  • Lorenzo Bacciardi
    Commercial Law in Italy

    Lorenzo Bacciardi

    goldLorenzo is a gold member
    MOTY 2017Lorenzo was Member of the Year winner in 2017
  • Dunstan Magro
    Business Advisory Services and Corporate Law in Malta

    Dunstan Magro

    silverDunstan is a silver member
    Managing Partner, WDM International
  • Luis G. Santine Jr.
    Fiduciary and Custodial Services in Curacao

    Luis G. Santine Jr.

    silverLuis G. is a silver member
  • Graeme Kirk
    Immigration Law in England

    Graeme Kirk

    silverGraeme is a silver member
    Senior Counsel, Ellisons Solicitors