Cyber Strategic Ambivalence Will Hit A Tipping Point In 2024

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Join Trusted Partner, Douglas M. DePeppe of eosdge legal in his latest article all about cyber security crisis preparation as we enter a new year.

The article was published in Architecture & Governance Magazine, targeting Enterprise Architects, Portfolio Managers, Strategic Planners, and Governance.

With growing compliance duties for data privacy and increasing cyber-attacks on professional services firms, IR Global members need to be vigilant about data protection and be prepared for the likelihood of a cyber attack.  Through the exclusive partnership for cyber security with eosedge Legal, IR Global members have ready access to risk-reducing solutions.

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The compliance demands are growing (e.g., GDPR, extensive duties under NY and California laws), ransomware demands are now commonly costing dozens of bitcoins (equivalent to multi-hundred thousand dollars, euros, or pounds), and the legal ramifications keep growing in the courts and from regulatory fines.

Preparedness and cyber insurance have become business necessities.

The IR Method

IR refers cyber security prevention, compliance and incident response services to eosedge Legal and its partners for the full range of cyber needs. Start with a CyberGaps® assessment to plan your strategy for improved security.  Additionally, IR now offers full crisis management preparedness provided by OnCall Cyber™.  This subscription bundles into one team the essential components of cyber attack readiness:  cyber law, incident response, and cyber insurance.

It’s too late after a cyber attack happens to search for your cyber crisis management team.  Moreover, having cyber insurance helps to cover the expensive costs of a data breach.  With OnCall Cyber™, IR members have trusted expertise at the ready and insurance  to cover the costs of a cyber attack.

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Case Studies

Case Study One – CyberGaps®

eosedge Legal partnered with another law firm to deliver to its client mathematical scoring of its cyber risks and a prioritized work plan that targeted which security controls were most effective for reducing risk.  In the partnership, both firms contributed services to the client to place it on a path toward compliance and improved cyber hygiene.

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Case Study Two – Incident Response

eosedge Legal and its cyber intelligence team responded to an ecommerce client data breach.  After detecting multiple types of attack, an investigative report identified third-party responsibility, and eosedge Legal used this information to fashion an intervening causation defense for the client which was facing over one million dollars of liability exposure.  Fortunately, no fines or litigation emerged, largely based upon the intervening causation theory fashioned by the legal and cyber intelligence teams.

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Case Study Three – OnCall Cyber™

A new subscriber obtained $2million of cyber insurance  and met with their newly retained cyber law team to design their comprehensive incident response plan.  The client received information concerning risk reduction and how to contact their cyber crisis response team in the event of a cyber attack.

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Case Study Four – Cyber Law Network

A law firm with data privacy expertise inquired with eosedge Legal regarding becoming a member of the cyber law network for OnCall Cyber™ referrals.  The cyber law network, in partnership with IR, is accepting inquiries from qualified data privacy attorneys.

Contact eosedge Legal concerning inquiries about the cyber law network – [email protected].

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