Charly Roden

Charly is our social media manager, here to run your social media accounts and increase the visibility of your firm.

Before IR Global, she worked in the communications team for a programme facilitating young people’s international travels to work and study abroad, as well as organising events for local authorities.

“I love working in social media, and it’s great to get to work with so many different clients from all over the world and learn about their business, country, and culture.

I got to visit Barcelona for the IR Global annual conference within my first few months at the company and it’s an experience I will never forget. Getting to see so many members in such a beautiful setting was definitely a highlight of my career so far.”

Outside of work, Charly enjoys spending time with friends, going out for food and drinks, and falls in love with every dog she sees. She hopes to adopt her own dog soon and have them join the IR office dogs team.