IR Global works with and assists leading professional services firms with the growth of their practice by building referrals and business development opportunities.

The structure ensures each member holds exclusivity for their area of expertise and jurisdiction and the opportunity to network both online and at events throughout the year. Each member is also supported by their own client manager who works alongside the firm to help them achieve their objectives.




Working Groups


Practice Areas



Our Values

We look for firms who are not just content to be part of the industry but lead through innovation.

Ross Nicholls, Business Development Director, IR Global

Within IR Global, we believe whether it be through our team or members, that we are stewards of our company culture, responsible for cultivating an inclusive environment. We seek to engage change across the IR Global network and reduce bias; be progressive in our aims to attract a diverse pool of talent to the group, clearly communicate our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy and create a flexible, agile and supportive environment for all. We all as individuals and as professional organisations play an important role in championing and promoting diversity and inclusion. You can read more on our policy here.

Vetting Process

All applicants are subjected to a stringent vetting process prior to acceptance. During this process, we analyse firm market position, rankings and gauge feedback from connections in their jurisdiction. Each firm is required to have an exceptional reputation and the highest professional standards. In addition, a face to face meeting or conference call is required to discuss their motivations and why they do what they do. This also ensures the applicant is aware of group philosophy/expectations and how they can utilise their membership to best effect.

Why join a network?

  • Build your international connections
  • Gain incoming referrals
  • Assist your existing clients with high quality international experts
  • Develop your firm brand globally
  • Learn new skills and gain support on business development
  • Attend events and develop relationships with colleagues around the world
  • Keep abreast of current developments and activity in your sector, in different countries

Why join IR Global?

  • Representation in over 170 jurisdictions and 60+ unique practice areas
  • Exclusive membership secured by jurisdiction and area of expertise
  • 165+ Chambers Ranked Law Firms
  • Online travel calendar; Ability to schedule meetings with local members when travelling in different parts of the world
  • Distribute and share your news/updates via our social media platforms to an audience of over 45,000+
  • Unique, thought provoking and inspirational events
  • Working groups each led by a steering committee
  • Personal Client Manager, offering introductions and support
  • Utilise our expert services in social media, editorial, design, firm management and cyber security
  • Join Virtual meetings & conferences to connect with firms from other jurisdictions

For further information concerning membership and the application process, please contact Ross Nicholls:

  • Ross Nicholls

    Ross Nicholls

    Business Development Director