Rachel Finch

Rachel started at IR Global as a Client Manager in 2012. She left us to travel before re-joining in 2017 as our Head of Digital & Sponsorships. Rachel leads our Digital team and is here to manage the success of our marketing & brand services which are aimed at adding further value to our members, sponsors & partners.

“When I left IR Global in 2014 I never expected to return and find that it had evolved into the fun, innovative & forward-thinking business it is today. I love being apart of the IR team, meeting our members and spending time with everyone at our events. It’s a small company with a big heart”

Rachel is the only IR Global member to have a fear of dogs and flying. Both of which are requirements for her current role…. She is also a keen runner completing her first marathon in 2021 and regularly plays squash with her local team. You will rarely see her sitting down!