IR Global Insolvency Meeting -March 2023

Dear Members of the IR Global Insolvency Group,

A quick update on our meeting on the 9th and 10th of March – and perhaps an incentive for those who are still undecided about whether or not to attend (NB: the deadline for registration is the 24th of February).

We are very pleased that Philippe has been able to secure Eric Van den Broele as akeynote speaker. Eric is Director R&D at GraydonCreditsafe, a specialist in data analysis and the development of algorithms based on company data (…).

In this role, he has recently focused mainly on insights based on extensive Graydon datasets, big data and community data. He develops new algorithms that express the ‘probability of anything’, such as algorithms that the probability of a company committing fraud, the probability of a company being involved in crimes such as human trafficking or money laundering, the probability of developing absenteeism. His aim is to “make the intangibles (the real value of a company) tangible”. Eric also has extensive experience in developing credit management systems for larger companies and SMEs, including integrated credit scoring systems and predictive algorithms for setting credit limits and other purposes.

Based on his observations during the terrorist attacks in Brussels in 2016 – he observed how companies behave in an “economy in discontinuity” – he developed the “shock resilience” algorithms. The insights from these algorithms are used by the national crisis task force and the Belgian government level to understand and manage the impact of the Covid-crisis on our companies, and provide important insights on how to rebuild the aftermath and create better shock-resilience for companies. While providing insights to help companies in their decision-making processes and governments in their quest for healthier societal growth, Eric has a particular interest in ethical issues related to AI.

In addition, Eric is a member of the EU expert network ‘Early Warning Europe’ (Early Warning Europe is a network organisation that has cooperated in the establishment of national and/or regional early warning mechanisms in Poland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Turkey and India,, co-founder of the Institute for Credit Management at the Vlerick Business School, member of the Trade Research Group of the Belgian Association of Judges for Trade-matters (U.R.H.B.), author, … , tbc.

We are looking forward to the impulses from the world of data.

All insolvency practitioners will undoubtedly find some food for thought, which can be discussed in greater depth in the discussion following the keynote speech.

Please register until 24th of February, if you would like to take part.

See you in Antwerp!

Philippe and Gabriele