Our DE&I mission: To make diversity, equity and inclusion how we work every day across all areas of IR Global.

Nous nous engageons à créer un environnement de travail juste et équitable au sein de l'organisation et de notre réseau mondial.

Within IR Global, whether it be through our team or our member firms, we are all stewards of our company culture, responsible for cultivating an inclusive environment. We seek to engage change across the IR Global network and reduce bias; be progressive in our aims to attract a diverse pool of talent to the group, clearly communicate our Diversity Equity & Inclusion Policy and create a flexible, agile and supportive environment for all. We all as individuals and as professional organisations play an important role in championing and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Notre politique

We respect and embrace all people, including those of different ages, cultures, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, physical abilities, races, religious beliefs and sexual orientations. We value the experiences, knowledge and talents of all individuals in our member firms, partners and employees.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) are important to our future. We need the engagement of people from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and ideas to achieve real innovation for our members around the world. We support and promote non-discriminatory practices that advance equal treatment of, and opportunity for, all people, and encourage meaningful participation by a broad cross-section of society.

At IR Global we are also elevating our focus on achieving equitable access and outcomes. This requires tailoring our tools, resources and mindsets to meet the unique needs of individuals, so everyone has a fair and equitable opportunity to participate and contribute to their fullest potential at IR Global.

At IR Global all of us have a responsibility to accelerate our progress, and where we all are accountable and empowered to drive change—here and in the world at large.

We will continue to support our members and employees to demonstrate the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in their everyday activities, roles and functions.

Responsabilité sociale

Raising awareness and understanding of cultural diversity is a fundamental value within IR Global. One of the ways we are driving positive change is via our Social Responsibility Community which was launched in 2019.  This involves the Sinchi Foundation, in which we support indigenous communities around the world, tackling stereotypical documentation and giving a voice to marginalised cultures. Furthermore, within the network’s community, will pay attention to the work our member firms are doing for social causes and their charitable efforts, which are regularly highlighted in our newsletter and external communication.

Environmental sustainability

IR Global’s founding philosophy is based on making a positive difference in the business world and to instigate meaningful social impact. We are driven to make a meaningful impact and protect the rights of nature. In 2022 and 2023, we’ve offset our conferences by donating a % from every ticket purchased to the Maparajuba Legal Collective in Brazil who promote, defend and protect the rights of traditional peoples and communities in the Amazon Rainforest.

Social impact

We support Treesistance, a movement and an impact blueprint centered on the protection of the Amazon and other forests around the world. Working at the intersection where Indigenous knowledge and science meet, Treesistance creates disruptive models that have a tangible impact. Their mission is to revolutionize how the world looks at forest crime prevention and handles environmental preservation.

Work-life balance

We have adopted a hybrid working policy, where our team has the opportunity to work from home several days a week, alongside connecting with each other in the office to maintain relationships.

We organise several team-building activities per year, including informal lunches and days out, to give the team a chance to build relationships outside of their professional interactions.

All staff have access to Calm App, the #1 app for meditation with personalized content to manage stress.

Nous avons rejoint l'engagement de la culture Breathe

Nous sommes fiers de dire que nous avons rejoint l'engagement de la culture Breathe : Une promesse de faire passer nos employés en premier, d'investir dans leur succès, de renforcer l'engagement des employés - et finalement de faire avancer notre entreprise ensemble. Nos employés sont la clé de notre succès et en créant une culture progressive, solidaire et inclusive, nous pouvons les aider à se développer et à réaliser de grandes choses.

Nous fournissons les outils nécessaires pour réussir et notre programme de développement personnel continu soutient la progression de la carrière. Nous reconnaissons les réalisations qui illustrent nos valeurs et donnent des résultats exceptionnels. Nous respectons les différences et soutenons l'individualité des personnes.

"Chez IR Global, nous sommes fiers d'appeler nos employés des membres de l'équipe et nous nous investissons dans la création d'un environnement où ils se développent et s'épanouissent."

Nous aimerions vous entendre...

Nous aimerions poursuivre ce dialogue avec les membres et / ou les parties externes qui souhaitent contribuer à cette discussion. Soit en partageant vos expériences avec nous, soit en offrant des conseils ou des informations qui, selon vous, devraient être partagés avec notre communauté mondiale.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les politiques de votre entreprise ou sur les activités caritatives que vous menez, veuillez envoyer un courriel à [email protected].