Publicité dans les bulletins d'informationPromouvoir vos services à l'échelle mondiale

Advertising on the IR Global weekly newsletter is an extremely effective way to promote your business to our global platform.

We can help you easily connect with our newsletter readers and member firms making your business accessible in the global marketplace, highlighting your products / services beyond your jurisdiction and reach out to a targeted audience worldwide.

This form of advertising is inexpensive and an affordable way for you to promote your offering and will increase your global visibility. We have x2 advertising options available via our weekly newsletter – a leaderboard and skyscraper ad.

Both ad formats are what is known to be high impact advertisements that are often placed at the top and side of an electronic newsletter. This gives your company the opportunity to be seen immediately, adds credibility to your brand and can trigger the buying impulse of potential clients / customers.

The ads are intended to capture the user’s attention and drive traffic to your website or key landing pages to encourage lead generation and product / service interest.

Pour plus d'informations sur les tarifs, veuillez envoyer un courriel à notre stratège en développement commercial, Rachel Finch, via [email protected] ou appeler le 00 44 1675 443 017.

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