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Yan Koonjoobeeharry

Senior Client Administrator – Client Services, Goldfield Financials

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Yan Koonjoobeeharry is a seasoned legal and compliance professional with extensive experience in the banking and corporate sectors. He currently serves as the Senior Client Administrator and Deputy Money Laundering & Regulatory Officer (DMLRO).

Throughout his career, Yan has held pivotal roles where he supervised client portfolios, provided legal guidance on complex corporate matters, and led training sessions for colleagues globally. His expertise includes corporate governance, legal document review, compliance monitoring, and effective client relationship management. Yan has successfully advanced through roles of increasing responsibility, demonstrating his ability to thrive in dynamic environments.

Yan’s career began with foundational legal experience, where he drafted and reviewed legal documents, conducted legal research, and supported compliance efforts. He has honed his skills in these areas, ensuring adherence to local and international legal requirements. His early experiences provided him with exposure to courtroom procedures and the intricacies of corporate law.

Yan’s educational background includes an LLM in Public International Law from City University of London and a BA in Law & Management from the University of Mauritius. Fluent in English and French, Yan’s linguistic capabilities complement his professional skills, enabling him to navigate and communicate effectively in diverse legal environments. He is also a recognized speaker and trainer, contributing to various educational initiatives and industry projects.

Currently, at Goldfield Financials Ltd, Yan plays a key role in the Client Servicing Team and the Business Development Team, leveraging his extensive expertise to drive growth and ensure compliance.

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About Goldfield Financials

Goldfield Financials

Goldfield Financials Limited stands as a distinguished entity in the financial landscape, distinguished by a team of seasoned professionals adeptly versed in steering large, complex funds, and corporate structures. Under this adept leadership, Goldfield Financials Limited offers clients a seamless platform to efficiently oversee and manage their businesses, enabling clients to concentrate on enhancing the performance of their funds and companies.

At the core of Goldfield’s modus operandi lies a commitment to providing exceptional service and high performance to achieve value creation. The company positions itself as a niche market player, placing a strong emphasis on the delivery of superior service and flawless execution. The operational framework of Goldfield adheres to the highest standards, with standard operating procedures modeled on the esteemed ISAE 3402 standards. This commitment to excellence ensures that clients receive service of the highest caliber.

A hallmark of Goldfield Financials Limited is its unwavering dedication to ensuring excellence in operations and timely access to essential resources and functionaries. By maintaining a focus on the quality-of-service delivery and a commitment to efficient execution, Goldfield empowers its clients to navigate the complexities of fund management and corporate structures with confidence and ease.

The company’s ethos, shaped by its dedicated team and adherence to rigorous standards, positions Goldfield Financials Limited as a trusted partner for clients seeking not only expertise but also reliability in managing their financial endeavors.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Wealth Management in Mauritius

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