Exclusive IR Global advisor for Tax (Accountants) in Netherlands since 2023

Willem Verhoeff

Partner, Wecountancy



Willem has over 37 years of experience in accountancy. Once started as an employee, then as a partner and finally founded his own office in 2002. Since the merger, he has been responsible for the three branches in Gouda, Hoofddorp (Schiphol-Amsterdam) and Noordwijk, where he manages the office directors. He is also the eldest brother of Martín.

After secondary school, Willem followed all the necessary courses and obtained the corresponding diplomas with study in the evenings. While there was also enough attention for his young family with two girls.

Willem graduated as an Accountant in 1999. In the meantime he had worked his way up to partner at a medium-sized firm in 2001, however, in 2002 he decided to start an office for himself. In 2017, his office merged with Activa Accountants, which has merged with Zirkzee Group since this year.

In his personal life, Willem likes to go out with his wife and their camper, often without a plan and just see where it’s nice and the sun is shining. France is his favorite country to tour through and discover new places. He also likes to cook. Especially in the summer, when his 2 kamado barbeques are working overtime. He does not shy away from experimentation. His extensive wine collection ensures that there is always a matching wine available. Here too, France, and in particular Burgundy, predominates.




German (read)

Areas of expertise

Advising SME entrepreneurs in the field of administrative organization, restructuring, financing and advice and guidance in developing a mission, vision and strategy.

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About Wecountancy


Every company and every entrepreneur is different. For that reason the services we offer to our clients are customized to their wish. Wecountancy’s clients consist mainly of internationally operating companies, start-up companies and entrepreneurs who are excited about working within our network. We offer services for all of our clients in the following areas: AccountingPayroll ServicesTax and Expat Services

Being located in the SBIC-building in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, Wecountancy is part of a community involving lots of techno starters from the ESA-BIC incubation program. In this community companies can experience to the fullest how assistance, learning and contagious enthusiasm from each other can be an inspiration and will lead to better results. For this reason Wecountancy does not consider you or your company as customers.

Doing business with Wecountancy means we will become your business partner. Our entire approach is therefore focused on getting the best out of your company. Besides our passion for entrepreneuring and sharing our knowledge, we also have a broad network we share with our business partners. Bringing people together and contributing to their succes is what gives us a purpose.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Tax (Accountants) in Netherlands

SBIC-building suite 300 Kapteynstraat 1 2201 BB Noordwijk


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