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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Company Formations in Luxembourg and Corporate Services in Luxembourg since 2019

Thierry Stas

Partner, Maprima

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Thierry Stas has 20+ years of experience in the financial and reinsurance sector assisting local and international clients – from solopreneurs, startup founders to multinational groups and investment firms as well as international families- in their business and in their estate planning.

After finalizing a bachelor’s in accounting, he worked for an international bank in Brussels before moving to Luxembourg in 1995 to serve international clients for the management of their reinsurance captive companies. After 12 years in the reinsurance, he moved to a Trust & Corporate services provider as Tax and Accounting Manager becoming a Luxembourg Chartered Accountant in 2011.      

In 2012, he joined Maprima as Partner to open the Luxembourg office of the Group. Thierry is a Chartered Accountant (OEC) since 2011 and a Trusts & Estates Practitioner since 2018 .   

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About Maprima


Maprima is an established professional service provider with a track record of almost twenty years. We are a BeNeLux based firm with offices in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. Most of our clients are internationally active companies and wealthy families. We are proud to have developed long standing relationships with these clients. Our team consists of more than twenty hands on professionals (administration, reporting, fiscal compliance, legal, management) working together in a flat organization. Our size allows us to offer the technical expertise, continuity and experience needed in English, French, German or Dutch. At Maprima we do not consider our clients as “files”. Clients are the very reason of our existence. The absence of a large overhead allows us to offer services at a reasonable fee level.

Over the years we have developed a good understanding of our client’s needs. It is this very understanding that helps us unburden our clients by making the BeNeLux aspects of their business as easy and smooth as possible.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Company Formations in Luxembourg

89B rue Pafebruch Capellen

Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Services in Luxembourg

89B rue Pafebruch Capellen


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