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Peter C. Pang

Principal Attorney and Managing Partner, IPO Pang Shenjun

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Mr. Pang is the Principal Attorney of IPO Pang Xingpu., a premier international law firm well-known for its ability to obtain difficult, hard to get licenses, permits, approvals and government support for entry by a foreign enterprise into highly regulated Chinese industries, including pharmaceuticals, gaming, telecommunications, television, information technology and retailing, weaponry.
Mr. Pang actively represents foreign companies interested in doing business in China, splits his time between China and the US, and zealously protects his foreign clients’ intellectual property rights, including trade secrets, in China where IPR protection is still evolving to reach international standards.

Mr. Pang has substantial expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, equity and cooperative joint ventures, intellectual property, corporate law and political lobbying in China, has been in China since the early 1990’s and is known as one of the oldest joint venture law firms. Mr. Pang was formerly general corporate in-house counsel to several Fortune 500 companies, including Shell Oil Company, Hershey Foods Corporation, Dole Food Company, and Nissan North America.

Mr. Pang specializes in helping multi-national companies in establishing a foothold and making an investment in China. He is a lobbyist with many years of experience and is well connected with the central government in China. He also specializes in protecting Famous American Brands from piracy and counterfeiting. Mr. Pang has been the principal driver behind over US$5 billion of M&A transactions over the last 30 years, 15 of which involved Sino-American matters. Mr. Pang advises American companies on how to be competitive in the China and global economy and has held various senior level legal positions, board seats and executive management roles.

As a seasoned business lawyer and entrepreneur, Mr. Pang was most recently the chief legal representative and Board member for a US publicly listed lottery and gaming company, having assisted the company in being the first to deploy an instant scratch lottery game in the PRC by a foreign corporation. He was also the founder and CEO of, a logistics startup company with operations in Guanghzou, PRC and was also the former Director of International Shopping Network, Inc., a home shopping company with operations in Beijing, the first foreign company to introduce home shopping to PRC in 1994. Mr. Pang was also formerly President of CMC Technologies International, Inc., an electronics device manufacturer and oversaw the sale of the company to Australian bidders.

Mr. Pang is a noted expert on doing business in the People’s Republic of China, an expert on the legal and economic effect of China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), and a well-respected attorney and businessman having represented, founded, operated and sold a number of businesses ranging from internet and gaming companies to manufacturing and distribution companies located in the PRC.

Mr. Pang speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. Mr. Pang is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Biochemistry, Santa Clara Law School where he was a member of Law Review, University of Houston with a LLM in International Economic Law, attended the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and studied law and economics in China and Hong Kong. He is admitted to practice in California, Texas, New York, DC and Pennsylvania, and is specially admitted as Legal Counselor by the Guangzhou Mayoral District for his work on anti-counterfeiting.

A frequently invited speaker, Mr. Pang is considered to be the leading expert on the expanding US-Sino economy and the laws that will govern its growth. Mr. Pang was the chief negotiator for the City of Oakland in its bid to obtain two Giant Pandas for the Oakland Zoo. Mr. Pang brings with him over 25 years of business, management and legal experience in the PRC.

Mr. Pang was able to execute initiatives that few other Western companies have been able to do in the PRC and is considered a premier attorney / businessman about the Chinese lottery and gaming business in China and Macau. Mr. Pang is stationed in Shanghai, PRC, and spends his time between the firm’s offices in Guangdong Province, Shanghai and affiliate offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and other locations in China, as well as the firm’s liaison office in Oakland, California, USA.

Some of Mr. Pang’s accomplishments include:


  • Chief lobbyist and negotiator for bwin Interactive Entertainment in China; principally responsible for advising the Austrian publicly listed company and the world’s largest online entertainment company on the legal parameters for online entertainment in China;
  • Chief Representative, Legal Counsel and Operating Officer for a Las Vegas based company focused on bringing lotteries to China;
  • Chief negotiator for an Australian company in the procurement of the first Gold License to a foreign enterprise;
  • Chief negotiator and investor in the first home shopping television program to China on CCTV in 1996,
  •  Responsible for bringing TVSN Home Shopping Network to China through successful negotiation of the seminal television broadcast contract with CETV, which program is still running after 8 years (a historic first for China);
  • Organized and founded, with the late Henry Fok, a logistics center in Nansha, Guangdong Province, which now serves as the logistics capital of Southern China;
  • Negotiated and procured the permission from the Chinese government to allow the first western company (Las Vegas, NV, USA) to sponsor and operate a lottery – including scratch off tickets, lotto’s, etc. on Mainland;
  • Negotiated, acquired and operated a digital mobile games developer in China and expanded its offerings to over 55 games;
  • Submitted a bid for two giant Pandas for the City of Oakland to the Central Conservation Association of China and competed with Memphis, TN for the rights (Memphis won);
  • On the mayor’s list of special legal attaché in the fight against counterfeiters in Guangdong Province;
  • Negotiated and procured the first gaming television show with SMG in Shanghai for a Western Company and executive produced 41 television shows in 2004;
  • Obtained the right for a US publicly listed company to distribute HIV detection equipment in China – a right that is tightly controlled and not granted easily
  • Developed key relationships that lay the foundation for entry of new biometric payment systems into China in conjunction with the State owned China Union Pay.

In his career as an attorney, consultant and businessman, Mr. Pang has helped over 100 companies to obtain difficult approvals from the Chinese Government, solve complex problems and recognize untapped business opportunities.

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About IPO Pang Shenjun

IPO Pang Shenjun

We help foreign enterprises obtain difficult, hard to get licenses, permits, approvals and government support and prepare them for entry into highly regulated Chinese industries, including pharmaceuticals, gaming, telecom, television, information technology, retailing, energy and weaponry. Usually companies engage our services while still in the strategic planning stage and seek our support to implement company initiatives and achieve company objectives. Because every venture is unique, especially on foreign soil, not just knowing, but knowing how has been the key to the success of the clients we serve. Often the effort involves extensive coaching and a well prepared strategic plan. Other times it may require political lobbying of the Chinese government at the local, provincial, or central level. Regardless the stage of your business development, our expertise in navigating through the Chinese bureaucracy has been the cornerstone of our practice in China. IPO Pang Xingpu. has been in China since the early 1990’s and is known as one of the oldest joint venture law firms. The firm is ranked as one of the top international boutique firms with operations in China and comprises highly experienced partners, possesses highly specialized skills, and masters highly proprietary know-how. The firm functions through a number of partners and specialists that operate together as an international team and provides the personalized service that clients need in order to operate in a highly complex and changing legal environment. As a member of the International Business Law Consortium, the firm further extends its international network to include a team of highly selective, experienced and reputable attorneys who can assist and execute in nearly every country of the world. As each case is personally handled by a shareholder of the firm, we take pride in this method of client service as it enables each partner to take individual responsibility for delivering outstanding quality and value for each assignment.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Law , IP – Patents and IP – Trademark & Copyright in China

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