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Matthias Meitner

Managing Partner, VALUESQUE



Matthias Meitner is Managing Partner of VALUESQUE.

He has more than 20 years of practical experience in all fields of business valuation: investment (decision making), fairness opinions, start-up, intangibles, tax, accounting, distress (insolvency), legal and all sorts of litigation and arbitration appraisals. Matthias worked for more than 10 years at Allianz SE and Allianz Global Investors as an equity investor following a strong fundamental analysis- and valuation-driven approach. In 2015 he founded VALUESQUE in order to service the growing need of clients for business valuations that are not only rule-driven but have a high analytical economic content – no matter whether it is about Start-Ups, SMEs or larger corporations.

Matthias holds a chair of Business Valuation at International School of Management (ISM) in Munich/Germany and a doctoral degree from the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg/ Germany. He also graduated in Business Administration from the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg/Germany. Matthias is CFA-Charterholder, is member of the German Advocacy Committee and is heading the expert team “Equity Valuation and Analysis” of the CFA Society Germany. Matthias regularly publishes research articles on business valuation in national and international journals and gives speeches and presentations on valuation topics. He is academic member of the European Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

Matthias is fluent in German and English. 

Areas of practice

Valuation Appraisals for Tax, Accounting, Legal reasons

Valuation for Arbitration

Litigation support

Fairness Opinions

Investment support

Start-Up Valuation

Valuation of Intangibles

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VALUESQUE is a leading boutique for business valuations in Germany. Its promise is to deliver high-quality and highly decision-useful services to clients.

What we do

VALUESQUE provides all sorts of business valuation services. From typical investment support (Fairness Opinions, Decision-Oriented Modelling, Due Diligence, etc.) and ongoing investment services (fund investment valuation, value monitoring, supervision services, holding reporting and management) to appraisals for tax, accounting, distress-related, cartel-related and other legal reasons (e.g. squeeze-out, shareholder expulsion, etc.) and all sorts of litigation services (tax, matrimonial, etc.).

VALUESQUE also intensively covers topics such as start-up valuation or IP and intangibles valuation, and feels home both in small- and medium sized Enterprises as well as in large corporates.

How we differ from others

VALUESQUE differs from most other valuation service providers in two respects:

We have a deep investment and decision making background. We know how to value businesses from an investment point of view. VALUESQUE does not only follow some rules but fortifies its valuations with strong analytical economic content. This allows clients to take the most out of our valuations: they not only get a value number but also a lot of new insight into business models, market and competitive situations – and the value effects thereof.

We are not only practitioners, we are also very versed in all relevant academic aspects. In Germany, many business valuation cases (in particular appraisals) have a strong link to valuation theory. The success of clients’ valuations not rarely depends heavily on how close they are to the top of what is theoretically possible. VALUESQUE is able to apply the whole spectrum of valuation concepts and models, if necessary.

Where we are leading

Although VALUESQUE provides services in all fields of business valuation, we are particularly strong if valuation cases get complex, if they require a lot of theoretical input and/or if they involve a lot of fundamental analytical work and business model understanding. These are the fields where we clearly have a market leading position. 

Valuing your Business is Our Business! Goal-Oriented – Quality-Addicted – Economic-Content-Focussed!

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Business & Asset Valuations in Germany

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