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Howard Stempler

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Howard Stempler is the owner and founder of Central Mass Mediation & Arbitration, comprised of nine neutrals, providing multi-service dispute resolution and negotiation services in-person, virtual and hybrid. A practicing attorney for almost 40 years, Howard’s ADR practice covers commercial litigation, real estate, inter- and intra-company business disputes, employment, catastrophic personal injury matters, and commercial landlord/tenant disputes.

Over the last 30 years, Howard has tried cases in almost every state and federal court and tribunals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Howard has been recognized as a Top Attorney by the Boston Magazine and as a Thomson Reuters Peer-rated Super Lawyer 2016-2024. Howard continues to serve as counsel and business coach to select business professionals, non-profit corporations and closely held businesses on matters involving business planning and strategy, employment, business development, and corporate matters.

Having founded and operated two businesses, including, including OVO, an international snowsport helmet manufacturing and distribution company, and BABA, an award-winning sushi restaurant, Howard’s dispute resolution work is informed by his own experiences as an entrepreneur. He also served for nine years as the president of a real estate holding company dedicated to environmental remediation and the sale of over pieces of 40 commercial real estate.

Howard believes that his mediation training, years of diverse civil practice, his entrepreneurship and practical business experience as well as his community service, provide those skill sets, perspectives, and experience necessary to assist individuals and businesses resolve their disputes efficiently and cost-effectively.

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About Central Mass Mediation & Arbitration

Central Mass Mediation & Arbitration

CMMA, a multi-service dispute resolution and negotiation firm providing in-person, virtual and hybrid mediations and arbitrations, also handles organizational matters, whether they involve tensions within an organization or negotiations between organizations.

Many of the matters we handle involve parties represented by counsel, but we also routinely work with parties and organizations without the involvement of counsel. We have a strong presence in Massachusetts, yet we serve in both cross-jurisdictional and international dispute resolution matters.

Our panel of nine neutrals includes experienced attorneys, business professionals, and a retired Superior Court judge with expertise to help resolve everything from complex commercial and business disputes to catastrophic personal injury cases, employment, construction, professional liability, intellectual property, environmental, family/divorce matters, governmental contracts, real estate, commercial landlord/tenant matters and probate disputes. Our practitioners have also facilitated sensitive business “divorces,” discussions within organizations, and have served as neutrals between organizations wishing to negotiate joint ventures.

At CMMA, we appreciate the time, expense, uncertainty, and the emotional costs associated with the negotiation, dispute, litigation and even some ADR processes. Which is why we pride ourselves on being cost efficient and nimble when it comes to scheduling dispute resolution sessions. All CMMA Neutrals share common traits: their humanity, creativity, ability to navigate difficult relationship dynamics, and steadfast desire to help people. We derive immense satisfaction from helping individuals and organizations resolve disputes.

To learn more about CMMA, go to our website  or contact us at [email protected].

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Commercial Arbitration in Massachusetts

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