Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Law in United Arab Emirates since 2023

Francesca Romana Valeri

Head of Legal for Middle East, PAOLETTI LAW GROUP



Francesca Romana Valeri is an Italian Certified Attorney in Law and an accomplished Legal Consultant with over a decade of experience. Specializing in Civil, Corporate, Commercial, and Construction Law, she has built a solid reputation through her work in international law firms.

In addition to her legal achievements, Francesca is dedicated to advancing her education and is currently finalizing an MBA Master’s degree at Liverpool University. This commitment to continuous learning reflects her desire to stay at the forefront of the legal and business landscape, ensuring she provides the most up-to-date and effective solutions to her clients. The MBA program is specifically chosen to enhance her abilities in consulting companies and serving her clients more effectively.

Francesca currently holds the esteemed position of Head of Legal for the Middle East at Paoletti Law Group further solidifying her expertise in the region. With a passion for the law and a steadfast dedication to excellence, she continues to make a significant impact, providing pragmatic solutions and exceptional legal guidance to her clients, while safeguarding their interests and achieving their goals.

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At the Paoletti Law Group, we believe in:


we deliver pre-emptive legal solutions to prevent disputes from negatively impacting your business.


We use our knowledge and experience to provide practical legal assistance and open, accessible support our clients rely on for their businesses’ success.

We specialize in corporate and commercial law and we have been working at an international level for more than 20 years. We defend the interests of our clients at each stage of a company’s life cycle – from setting-up to expansion abroad – through focused and dedicated legal advice.

Our corporate law professionals include specialists in joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions who manage transactions around the world. We also execute reliable due diligence reviews as well as manage regulatory and compliance matters for our M&A clients, ensuring deals close in a timely manner with our clients’ interests always secured.

If you want to do business abroad, you need more than just a good knowledge of the market. You need to know the legislation in the country of destination in order to protect your investments and avoid mistakes that could derail the entire operation.

Only those who work in the country of destination can offer the experience and the expertise necessary to operate successfully in a foreign country.

This is why we have chosen to join IR Global, a dynamic organization that leverages the power of the network to assist the client with the perfect consultant in every country in the world. This membership enables us to offer a high-quality service at a lower cost compared to traditional law firms

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Law in United Arab Emirates

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