Exclusive IR Global advisor for Crypto and Digital Asset Advisory in Luxembourg since 2024 and committee member for Crypto & Digital Assets Advisory group

Erwin Sotiri

Partner, Jurisconsul

+352 26 38 98 08


A lawyer who speaks the language of technology.
Erwin is an unconventional Luxembourg lawyer who is passionate about Fintech, Crypto, and Digital Assets, Intellectual Property, and Open-Source Software. With over 20 years of experience as a practicing lawyer, Erwin is a seasoned professional who knows well the ins and outs of the legal industry.

A lawyer who understands the digital asset space.
Erwin has a particular interest in Technology, Crypto, and Digital Assets. He has advised numerous high-profile clients on the legal implications of their investments in the digital asset space, and he has been involved in several high-profile cases involving copyright infringement and open-source software. His unique expertise in this rapidly evolving space has made him a go-to expert for clients looking to navigate the legal complexities of the industry.

The energy you need to tackle complex legal challenges.
As a strong advocate for open-source software and copyright protection, Erwin is committed to helping his clients protect their intellectual property while taking advantage of the opportunities presented by new technologies. His passion for the potential of Fintech, Crypto, and Digital Assets to revolutionize the way we do business is palpable, and he brings a sense of enthusiasm and energy to everything he does.

Stay ahead of the game with expert insights into the world of Digital Assets.
Erwin is an active member of the Fintech and Crypto community and regularly speaks at industry events and conferences. His unique perspective and deep knowledge of the legal issues surrounding these topics make him a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the industry. He is also a regular contributor to industry publications and blogs, where he shares his insights and ideas on the latest developments in the world of Fintech, Crypto, and Digital Assets.

Embrace innovation and creativity.
Erwin’s bold and personable approach to the legal profession sets him apart from his peers. His unconventional style and willingness to think outside the box make him a refreshing and inspiring presence in the industry. He is a personable, authentic, and confident individual who will go above and beyond to help his clients achieve their goals.

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About Jurisconsul


Jurisconsul was founded in 2010 with the aim of integrating legal services and technology. As technology evolved rapidly, we realised the importance of a law firm that knows and utilises technology to assist businesses in switching to digital services.  Our team of attorneys combine legal and technological knowledge to be trustworthy consultants for clients in these emerging industries. We have continued to expand our skills over the past decade to adapt to the evolving legal demands of our clients.

Our purpose

We offer high-quality legal counsel tailored to the Luxembourg financial sector. We value lasting partnerships based on knowing our clients’ particular businesses and objectives. By collaborating, we seek to discover efficient, realistic solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our commitment

We are dedicated to helping our clients through each step of their legal matters. Whether helping startups, established companies, or those exploring new opportunities such as cryptocurrency, our attorneys are devoted to providing informed, dependable support. We try to handle complex issues while being approachable.

Our approach

Client service is our main priority. We work for personalised, outcome-oriented representation. Using advanced technology allows for efficient, responsive client services. Teamwork and open communication are essential to our collaborative work style and long-term client partnerships. Pricing transparency and ongoing updates ensure clients stay informed.

Our principles:

We pride ourselves on our core values, which set us apart from traditional law firms:


Our clients are the cornerstone of our practice. We are dedicated to delivering personalised, outcome-oriented legal strategies.


We welcome innovation and leverage cutting-edge technology to offer efficient and effective legal services.


We champion teamwork and open dialogue, both within our firm and with our clients, cultivating enduring partnerships.


We provide clear, upfront pricing and keep our clients informed at every stage of the process.

At Jurisconsul, we are devoted to offering exceptional legal services that empower your business to thrive in the digital era.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Crypto and Digital Asset Advisory in Luxembourg

11a, avenue de la Porte-Neuve, L-2227 Luxembourg