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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Finance in Italy since 2018

Erika Alice Weisz

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law degree 

Business and Finance consultant for Bernardini, Postacchini & Associates

General Director Weisz Consulting KFT


Business management consulting services 
Strategic management consulting services 
Services of counselors and negotiators arranging mergers and acquisitions 
Guidance and operational assistance services concerning decision areas that are financial in nature such as: working capital and liquidity management, determination of an appropriate capital structure, analysis of capital investment proposals, asset management, financial consulting related to mergers, acquisitions etc 
Tax consulting 

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About BP&A Finance and Business consulting

BP&A Finance and Business consulting

The Company “Bernardini Postacchini & Associates”, originally founded in 1983 as professional association of Chartered Accountants by Roberto Bernardini and Pierino Postacchini, has gradually evolved by associating an increasing number of collaborators who have built up their own professional paths within the association. Today, we have an integrated consultancy structure with over 30 Professionals, who share common rigour and style by assisting clients, mostly Corporates, in the different legal and financial fields.

Our activities focus on the following fields:


Preliminary analysis and ongoing support of all phases of structured financial operations, Trademark and Company evaluations, investment options through financial instruments, listing projects on regulated Markets (Shares and Bonds). Our offer aims at creating professional connections between Companies and Investment Funds, with the objective of spotting and exploiting opportunities of investment and industrial development.

Our activities encompass:

  • M&A Advisory (Sell/Buy)
  • M&A Private Equity Advisory
  • IPO
  • Business planning
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial restructuring
  • Mini-bond


Our Real Estate teams is composed of dedicated professionals with multi-year experienced in the market. Our objective is to offer the best solutions that can permit the proper management and correct appraisal of properties, through the identification of investments opportunities, profitability and visibility analysis, strategic assistance and support to companies in the management of their property portfolio, acquisition and dismissal projects, development and restructuring operations

Our main services focus on:

  • Property evaluation
  • Business Planning
  • Financial models
  • Impairment test
  • Due diligence
  • Territory analysis and development
  • Fiscal impact analysis
  • Legal assistance during purchasing/selling operations
  • Translation and interpretations services for foreign customers

LEGAL professional and multidisciplinary network

Thanks to our professional and multidisciplinary network, we can offer and integrate legal assistance with specialist on different fields, perfectly integrated with other professional of our structure.

Our legal services cover all areas of the following legal branches:

  • Company Law
  • Business Law
  • Labor Law
  • Droit administratif
  • Bankruptcy Law


We offer business consultancy services to our customers with the intent of helping them augment their market and business potential, by connecting them to our network of primary commercial partners.

Our professional with solid industrial background can help the implement:

  • Business Analysis
  • Industrial Plans
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  • Internationalization and development plans


A dedicated team assists our clients in all related activities, providing them with specialized assistance and continuous professional updates. We also support our clients through analysis and implementation of controlling and reporting tools.

Our global offer encompasses the following activities:

  • Online services
  • Accounting and administrative activity and support
  • Payroll activity and support
  • Electronic filing
  • Tax models processing and filingImplementation and re-organization of Company’s financial reporting structure an procedure


Our network of professionals can offer our clients specific audit services such as:

  • Statutory audit
  • Voluntary audit
  • Limited audit procedures
  • Accounting and administrative analysis on IFRS first adoption
  • Opinions according to legal requirement
  • Comfort letters
  • Proforma financial report analysis
  • Forecast analysis
  • Agreed upon procedures

Our professionals assist our clients throughout their development process, in order to allow them implement effective business strategies with specific focus on their fiscal impact. Specialized and integrated skills allow us to rapidly and effectively provide you with adeguate and complete framework of the fiscal environment you are operating in, helping you comprehend and analyse the fiscal impacts of Company’s strategies.


Get support from renowned experts in EU funds for research and development. Mainly specialises in Horizon Europe (RIA/IA/CSA, ERC, MSCA, EIC Pathfinder, Widening…), but we also work with other grants (e.g. Erasmus+, European Social Fund, Creative Europe, Interreg). Do not hesitate to contact us at the bottom of the page if you want more information. We providing proposal writing support are all senior experts in a grant type. We work as a team and can benefit from the different experience of their colleagues at any time. As each project is different, we will provide customised support. Our primary approach, based on our experience, tools, and methodology, is to help the applicant gather the correct inputs to prepare a first draft proposal based on the European Commission’s requirements and expectations. Then, we help them to improve this draft to its best possible version based on our long experience of submitting and evaluating proposals.


We offer a broad range of services to assist companies with their green efforts, including:

  • Conducting company assessments on energy, water, carbon, waste, hazardous materials, environmental impacts, and more.
  • Creating an overall strategy for sustainability plans.
  • Providing plans on waste reduction in business operations & manufacturing.
  • Offering guidance on green building design, construction, and improvements to a facility.
  • Providing guidance on sustainable purchasing practises.
  • Overseeing training and education on sustainability topics.
  • Offering guidance on the installation and implementation tools to monitor and create reports on crucial data.
  • Providing plans on environmental management and compliance.
  • Offering guidance on communication and marketing strategies with PR & media campaigns and sustainability reporting.
  • Providing plans to improve involvement of the community and volunteer programs.
  • Helping a company’s culture change to make the business more self-sustaining.
  • Conducting energy audits
  • Collecting and analysing data, identifying needs.
  • Finding ways to use renewable energy sources.
  • Simplifying of supply chains.
  • Ensuring a company’s workplace is healthy, as well as the surrounding environment.

Each organisation requires its own strategy and plans to become greener


Increasing the number of women in the workplace improves outcomes for all levels of society. Building gender-inclusive workplaces unlocks greater prosperity, heightens resilience, and boosts socioeconomic progress. BP&A’s gender equality consulting can help organizations close the gender gap in their workforces to the benefit of individuals and institutions everywhere. Our firm can help widen this lens while also delivering results in the areas of employee retention, advancement, and leadership commitment to diversity and gender inclusion. We achieve these critical goals by working alongside clients to identify the current state of gender equality at their organizations. After drawing a strategic roadmap, we help our clients stride toward a more inclusive future.

Our holistic approach focuses on five building blocks for improving and accelerating diversity and inclusion initiatives. Using our Diversity and Inclusion Assessment for Leadership (DIAL) tool we help our clients:

  • Understand the starting point, when it comes to gender issues, leaders’ beliefs don’t necessarily align with employee experiences. We uncover the truth.
  • Clarify the gaps, we gather detailed data and deploy advanced analytics to assess the problem and set targets that will transform the organization. Focus on inclusion, we help frontline leaders build and sustain diverse, inclusive organizational cultures.
  • Implement the right interventions, we draw on our extensive research to identify the most effective gender equality solutions, tailor them to the unique needs of each organization and workforce and embed them in the business.
  • Track clear metrics, we arm our clients with the measurement tools they need to monitor and advance their progress toward greater gender diversity in the workplace.
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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Finance in Italy

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