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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Mergers & Acquisitions in Mexico since 2016

Cristina Lucía Sánchez Vebber

Founder & Partner, Sánchez Vebber, S.C.

0052 55 52808644


Cristina has 34 years of experience providing service to clients. She has 25 years of experience in the legal industry with focus on corporate and transactional, strategy, M&A practice, as well as advising clients on the social aspects of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), specifically relating to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). In the first 10 years of her professional career, in the hotel industry, she focused on promoting and attracting potential clients for the hotels she worked for. As Director of Corporate Sales for the hotel, she developed the consortiums sales area, which would lead to increased sales volume.

Cristina provides legal guidance and advice to foreign entities relating to Mexican operations, advising in the creation of strategies to establish operations in Mexico, the implementation of such strategies from a legal perspective, including coordinating the involvement of different areas such as tax, employment, foreign trade, environmental and trademarks, among others. She also advises clients on mergers & acquisitions, spin-offs, mergers, day to day operations, including, when so required, the closing of the operations in Mexico. In addition, she assists clients in the coordination of their operations in other jurisdictions. She also advises clients on Antitrust matters.

Cristina created and developed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) for Sanchez-DeVanny Eseverri, S.C., which she chaired. Cristina led the diversity committee to create actions relating to DEI that made a positive impact within the organization as well as externally. She is also an active member of AbogadasMX, organization in which she has been involved in projects like UN Women to create the Minimum Standards of Inclusion and Diversity within Legal firms in Mexico. Participating in these projects has allowed Cristina to provide legal guidance in DEI matters, internally and for clients regarding the design and implementation of DEI strategy within their companies.

She also formed the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Group  of Sánchez-DeVanny Eseverri, S.C. participating in advising clients on the social aspect of ESG, particularly the DEI impact.

Cristina represented Sánchez-DeVanny Eseverri, S.C. in the SCG Legal group since 2006. It is an international network of law firms recognized by Chambers & Partners Global as the best law firm network in the world. She served as a member of the Board of Directors  from 2017 to 2022 where she  worked on initiatives to strengthen feminine leadership in member law firms and strategic management and actions of the Organization.


•Corporate, Transactional, M&A



•Diversity, Equity and Inclusion





•BA in Humanistic Studies. Saint Mary’s College, South Bend, Indiana, USA (1989).

•Law Degree. Universidad Iberoamericana A.C., México, D.F. (2003).

•Leading Diversity Equity and Inclusion – Kellogg Northwestern University, Weinberg College of the Arts and Sciences (2022)

•The 360° Corporation: Tools for Achieving Corporate Purpose – University of Toronto (2022)

•The Materiality of ESG Factors Specialization – Wharton (2023)

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About Sánchez Vebber, S.C.

Sánchez Vebber, S.C.

We are a Mexican firm whose founder has more than 25 years’ experience providing legal services in Mexico to Mexican and foreign clients.

We provide advice and complete solutions to our clients to facilitate their expansion and investment plans, both within and outside Mexico. We have a profound knowledge and ample experience of the fields of Mexican law and business. We fully understand how the country works, from its legislative framework to the day-to- day dynamics of the regulations that govern the establishment and operation of businesses.

We understand the global vision of our clients and their business objectives. We assist them in each step of their growth in Mexico and their expansion on a global level.

Our commitment is to provide legal solutions that support and promote their sustainable success.

In Sanchez Vebber we work with our clients in building solid and responsible enterprises. We become partners in their investment and growth in Mexico and abroad. We understand their global vision and business objectives, assisting them in the development of their business strategies.

We are convinced that the diversity, equity and inclusion in our team benefits our client in proffered legal solutions.

Our Practice areas:


  • Legal Strategy for Investments in Mexico
  • Corporation and Company Incorporation and establishment
  • Operational Strategy in Mexico
  • Restructurings
  • Contracts
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin offs
  • Joint ventures
  • Start-ups
  • Dissolutions and liquidations
  • Corporate legal Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Immobilier


  • Federal and Local labor matters consultancy
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Legal compliance on labor and social security matters
  • NOM 035
  • Conciliation
  • Litigation


  • Business legal consultancy
  • Litigation


  • General Consultancy
  • International treaties (origin) consultancy
  • Immex and Prosec
  • Litigation
  • Certifications, authorizations and permits
  • Audits


  • Consultancy
  • Notifications and concentrations
  • Absolute and relative monopolistic practices
  • Immunity procedures
  • Investigations


  • Consultancy
  • Anticorruption
  • Money laundering



  • Advice on tax incentives for sustainable investments.
  • Prevention of complaints of “greenwashing”.
  • Consultancy on compliance with environmental obligations including those relating to water conservation and handling of waste.
  • Consultancy on regulation of Energy Efficient projects.
  • Advice on environmental impact of the import, export and, if applicable, return of machinery, equipment, materials and waste.
  • Consultancy relating to labelling for commercialization of products.
  • Advice on mitigation and adaptation project in light of the Climate Crisis.
  • Analysis, strategy and identification of mechanisms to reach energy efficiency, sustainability and transition.
  • Review and analysis of alternatives to develop, improve and sustain the actions in the matter of energy contained in the statements of the business in regard to sustainability.
  • Review and analysis of compliance with goals fir the reduction of emissions.
  • Report of compliance with goals of clean energies and energy efficiency.
  • Analysis of environmental impact of the operations of businesses that carry out activities relating to the energy sector.
  • Preparation of Due Diligence Reports to determine the actions in energy matters that are bien implemented, as well as those that are pending, in order to obtain the energy efficiency in the business.


  • Labor consultancy relating to the benefits and conditions of the workers.
  • Advice and guidance regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Consultancy and advice regarding the impact on compliance of NOM-035 in the labor force and proposals to mitigate said impact.
  • Guidance and advice in the application of the legal compliance with internal and external social commitments.
  • Advice on the impact of handling of Advice on the impact of handling of general waste, hazardous waste, energy, use of water, general waste, and others.
  • Due Diligence to review compliance in social matters with national and international norms and legislation.
  • Advice on real estate and structural projects for improving the conditions of the workers, such as, dining rooms, lactation rooms and rest areas, and nurseries, among others.
  • Advice on social benefits real estate and structural projects, such as, health centers. schools, parks, and green areas, among others.
  • Due Diligence on compliance with norms that prohibit forced labor, work of minors, precarious labor conditions and modern slaver, among others.
  • Guidance relating to supply chains.
  • Advice and guidance on the social impact of energy projects.


  • Due Diligence of internal policies and compliance programs to meet the new ESG standards. Proposals for adjustments.
  • Due Diligence focused on sustainability in mergers and acquisitions, supply chains, contracts with suppliers, etc.
  • Compliance with provisions in matters of reports on commitments and goals.
  • Preparation of policies, manuals, and protocols to establish commitments and measure compliance.
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts and agreements to comply with commitments in matters of sustainability (Collaboration Agreements, Joint Ventures, Agreements in light of Objective 17 SDG).
  • Consultancy on compliance with obligations on money laundering and anti-corruption in México.
  • Assistance in structuring corporate governance of public and private companies (committees, bord meeting, review and updating of charter, etc.).
  • Compliance with obligations regarding protection of protection of personal information.


  • Consultancy and guidance for the acquisition, sale and leasing of realty.
  • Obtaining and investigations of public records of deeds of ownership of realty.
  • Advice, negotiation, and preparation of all kinds of realty lease contracts, including leases of realty bult to measure.
  • Advice, negotiation and preparation of all kinds of construction contracts.
  • Guidance and advice on communal land (inmuebles ejidales).
  • Negotiation and preparation of all kinds of purchase and sale and lease agreements of realty in Mexico.
  • Advice regarding con human settlements (asentamientos humanos), urban development, zoning; as well as contracting for public and private services, obtention of all kinds of permits and licenses, including permits for perforation and use of para us of water wells.


  • Consultancy for operation
  • Consultancy on ESG matters, particularly DEI
  • Strategy for DEI programs
  • Legal compliance in matters of diversity, equity and inclusion, including non-discrimination, no violence
  • Establishment of policies, committees
  • Courses and training
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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Mergers & Acquisitions in Mexico

Ruben Dario No. 281, Floor 12, Office 1204 Bosque de Chapultepec