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Anthony O. Maceira Zayas

Founding Member, MZLS

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Maceira is the Founding Member of MZLS. With a decade of experience in Government Services, Maceira has been involved in major reforms implemented in Puerto Rico since 2010 when he started as advisor to the Majority Leader of the Senate. Serving mainly as full service/external legal counsel to foreign companies doing business in Puerto Rico, Maceira has developed a robust commercial law practice, including but not limited to: civil litigation, appellate, corporate law and government services practice. Specializing in commercial law and privatization of services, Maceira’s experience in the Private Sector includes defense attorney in high profile cases such as: environmental cases, gambling industry cases, tax litigation, insurance litigation, banking cases, protesting and defending bid awards challenged in court and others. In addition, his private experience includes the negotiation of privatization services in areas such as mass transit, public safety and energy. In addition, Maceira has served as legal counsel and advisor to the former President of the Senate, the Minority Delegation of the Senate, Telecommunications Bureau, Energy Bureau, the Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency, amongst others.

Anthony obtained his JD from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Magna Cum Laude, graduated from the International Legislative Drafting Institute of Tulane Law School and from the Project Management Course at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

Prior to founding MZLS, Anthony served as Secretary for Public Affairs and Ports Authority Director for the Government of Puerto Rico. In addition, Maceira served in the Senate of Puerto Rico, as advisor to the Majority Leader 16th Assembly, Minority Leader 17th Assembly and President of the 18th Assembly.

During Anthony’s time as Secretary for Public Affairs he was the Government’s main spokesperson, oversaw all the communication efforts of the Administration and coordinated intergovernmental initiatives and efforts. During his tenure, Anthony worked with approving key legislation including amongst others: (1) the Puerto Rico Incentives Code (Law 60-2019); (2) the Puerto Rico GSA and Procurement Reform Act (Law 73-2019) which created a new Governmental body in charge of the procurement and acquisition of non-professional services and goods, and uniformed government procurement into a single set of rules; (3) the Energy Public Policy Act (Law 17-2019); (4) the Gaming Commission Act (Law 81-2019) which authorized sports betting in Puerto Rico, and centralized into a new single government entity the regulation of gambling, horse racing and other gaming industries and (5) the Puerto Rico Freedom of Information Act (Law 141-2019), creating the first set of rules to manage public information and promote transparency in Puerto Rico.

As Ports Authority Director, Anthony spearheaded several major privatization projects including a P3 concession for the Cruise Terminals in San Juan, P3 concession for ferry transportation system and a contract to externalize all operation and maintenance for nine regional airports. In addition, Maceira conducted the five-year compliance audit for the Airport P3 Concession at SJU, managed to close several multimillion development contracts for private investment in public infrastructure and the monetization of unused assets.

Maceira has also served in different government directive and advisory bodies such as: Governor’s Infrastructure Council, Governor’s Disaster Recovery Council, Governor’s Economic Development Council, Maritime Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors and the Puerto Rico Trade and Export Company’s Board of Directors.

Maceira’s experience has allowed him to attend as panelist and spokesperson related to Public Private Partnerships, to various conferences around the globe, including but not limited to: Global Airport Leaders Forum (Dubai-2019); Latin America Airport & Aviation Expansion Summit (Mexico-2018); Latin America Airport & Aviation Expansion Summit (Panamá-2019)The Airport P3 Summit (San Diego, USA- 2018).

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MZLS LLC is a boutique law firm located in San Juan Puerto Rico, that brings many years of distinguished experience from different backgrounds. Our sophisticated team of attorneys come from different backgrounds including the executive and legislative branches of government, public and private corporations as well as major local law firms. We combine substantive experience and detailed knowledge of Puerto Rico’s tax laws, insurance laws, labor laws, corporate laws, governmental structures and business climate. As well as being a general practice, the firm has wide experience in the design, procurement, negotiation of Public Private Partnership Agreements and other privatization contracts.

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We focus on clients from abroad doing business in Puerto Rico, which is a challenging but rewarding US jurisdiction. As our client, you can expect a personal, one-on-one relationship, with a down-to-earth, practical, and integrated approach. Because your success matters to us. Whether through litigation, procurement, contract negotiation or strategic alliance/team building we serve as general outside counsel to cover the core business-related practice areas and public private partnerships. 

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