‘On the Road’ – San Diego

6th – 10th June 2023

Event Roundup

Message from Ross Nicholls

Our 2023 ‘On the Road’ conference in San Diego welcomed 170+ attendees from 55+ jurisdictions from across the globe who advise a wide range of clients on their cross-border needs. The conference focused on the role of San Diego in today’s market and its relationship with the rest of the US, LATAM and globally.

Professionally, we heard from thought-provoking leaders on how demographics, technology, and globalization are reshaping the economy and how to tackle negotiations and create leverage when none exists. The schedule also allowed for significant networking time, workshops, and breakout sessions for maximum attendee collaborations.

Socially there was a variety of member-hosted events, including an opening drinks reception, networking dinner at Coasterra & closing drinks reception on a bay cruise. We also offered an optional excursion to explore the famous San Diego Zoo!

We were also pleased to see so many of our members connecting, collaborating, and enjoying lots of social time in San Diego over the course of the conference.

The opportunity afforded by IR Global conferences to strengthen bonds and connections with great professionals from across the world who are even better people, to meet new people, and to participate in great events and meetings is priceless.

Michael Kean, Loren & Kean Law – US – Florida

Thank You to Our Headline Sponsors

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I recently had the pleasure of attending the San Diego Conference, and I must say, it was an absolutely phenomenal event. From start to finish, the organizers had thoughtfully planned every detail, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees. 

The lineup of speakers was truly impressive. Renowned experts from various industries took the stage, delivering captivating keynote speeches and thought-provoking panel discussions. Each session was filled with valuable insights, leaving us inspired and eager to implement the ideas shared.”

  • Thomas H. Curran
    Commercial Litigation and Insolvency in Massachusetts , Debt & Asset Recovery in Texas and Insolvency in Connecticut

    Thomas H. Curran

    bronzeThomas H. is a bronze member
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Thank You to Our Membership Sponsor

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The San Diego event was well organized; provided a large amount of time for networking and socializing; held in a great venue; and was a great mid year event and program.”

  • Erwin Shustak
    Commercial Arbitration and Commercial Litigation in California

    Erwin Shustak

    goldErwin is a gold member
    finalist 2016Erwin was Member of the Year finalist in 2016

Sharing Your Event Experience

We would recommend you write a short summary of your time in San Diego as this not only provides further firm promotion but also can remind the members you met to reach out and continue conversations. 

Many members have also shared their time in San Diego via social media platforms such as LinkedIn. This is another great way to further promote your firm’s attendance and to connect with fellow attendees. Some recent examples can be viewed below. 

We would also recommend commenting on any posts that feature members you met as this can again lead to continued discussions post-conference. You can easily find these posts by searching the event hashtag:

Walking Tour

Wednesday 7th June

The morning walking tour provided a great introduction to San Diego seeing some of the best sights the city has to offer!

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A welcoming group of high-quality professionals that are intentional about creating connections and building relationships that provide for professional and personal growth.

Ben Miller, Bennett Thrasher – US – Georgia

Drinks Reception

Wednesday 7th June

Sponsored by Harrison Law and Sanli Pastore & Hill. We hosted our drinks reception on the terrace of the Intercontinental hotel, with sea views and beautiful sunset. This was a great way to start the conference and gave us an opportunity to welcome our first-time attendees and reconnect existing members.

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Presentation Day

Thursday 8th June

Presentations kicked off with an introduction into doing business in San Diego and we heard from keynote speakers on how demographics, technology, and globalization are reshaping the economy and our future and a lesson into the art of negotiation. Networking table sessions enabled attendees to share their own experiences and listen to others, thus providing a takeaway of valuable knowledge and ideas.

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Thank You to Our Speakers

Erwin Shustak

Todd Buchholz

Ellen Zavian

Thank you to our Exhibitors

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This event in San Diego was my first event in US with IR Global. It had been a great opportunity to connect more accurately with US members. The mind set was as usual professional and friendly. Thanks to IR team for their involvement and dedication.

Sylvain Pelletreau, Richelieu Avocats – France

Evening Dinner

Thursday 8th June

Sponsored by Allen Barron INC and Skinner Clouse Group. Located on the San Diego Bay attendees enjoyed the panoramic views of downtown San Diego at Coasterra.

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Breakout Sessions & Workshops

Friday 9th June

Morning sessions allowed for practice area groups to take place hosted by their respective committee members discussing hot topics within their sector and the disputes group enjoyed a guided tour of the USS Midway. The second part of the morning allowed attendees to join various workshops including sessions on Crypto, the future of AI and the art of delegation in the professional services. 

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Thank you to our speakers

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We have received excellent referrals from IR Global members, which I directly attribute to meeting everyone in person at these conferences.  Great speakers and great venues make it easy and fun to connect with old friends, and make new ones.

Thomas J. Gorman, Taylor English Duma LLP – US – North Carolina

Closing Reception

Friday 9th June 

Attendees joined for an afternoon cruise to take in the views of San Diego bay for our closing reception. A great way to end the conference!

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Optional Excursion – San Diego Zoo

Saturday 10th June

Located in Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo is home to more than 4000 animals and more than 650 species and subspecies. Attendees explored the wildlife at one of the worlds largest zoos and enjoy lunch in the treetop room & deck. 

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This was my first IR Global conference and it was the most collaborative and entertaining legal event I’ve ever been to.

Judd Grutman, The Torrey Firm – US – California

IR Global Update

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During the conference Ross & Tom gave you their IR Update highlighting all our current IR initiatives and further opportunities for you as members:

Events Calendar

Virtual Events Calendar – know that even though our in-person conferences are starting again we will need to provide virtual meetings/get togethers to keep members connected. This will be the place to ‘e-meet’ members in 2023.


Virtual Sessions

Our 2023 virtual sessions will focus on speed networking, general and specific themes.

Regional Meetings

Many regional in-person group meetings have taken place since the start of the year across Europe and the Cayman Islands with more planned for later in 2023.

IR Trusted Partners

Our partners are organizations who share our ethos, and we highly recommend it to both our members and clients. Read more on them at irglobal.com/trusted-partners.

ESG Initiative

IR has created its own ESG policy and statement with suggested guidelines/best practices for members. Read out statement at irglobal.com/irglobal-esg.

IR Global Team Growth

We have created 7 new positions in the last 12 months ensuring the growth and development of the network. Meet the IR Global Team here https://irglobal.com/our-team/.

Member Code of Conduct

IR Global are here to create a safe space for members, our employees, and all attendees of our conferences. Read our full reporting process and expectations here https://irglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/IR-Global-Reporting-Process-and-Expectations.pdf.

Recommendation Incentive

This new incentive offers 10% membership discount for new member recommendations.

Tickets on sale 

Annual Conference 2023, Amsterdam

9th – 12th September 2023 

The IR Global Team

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