‘On the Road’ – Dubai

20th – 24th February 2024

Event Roundup

Message from Ross Nicholls

Our 2024 ‘On the Road’ conference in Dubai welcomed 140 attendees from 55+ jurisdictions from across the globe who advise a wide range of clients on their cross-border needs. The conference focused on the role of UAE in today’s market and its relationship with the rest of the Middle East, Europe and globally.

Professionally, we heard from thought-provoking leaders on culture and how to build confidence and knowledge about doing business in the region and as leaders, how we explore the foundations of trust and loyalty between clients, advisors, and employees.

Socially there was a variety of member-hosted events, including an opening drinks reception, exciting evening of entertainment during dinner at The Theater & closing drinks reception cruise. We also offered a dune buggy safari excursion!

We were also pleased to see so many of our members connecting, collaborating, and enjoying lots of social time in Dubai over the course of the conference.

Thank You to Our Headline Sponsors

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Really enjoyed the IR Global Dubai conference, well balanced with networking, education, entertainment and great people.

  • Sameer Parekh
    Construction Law in India

    Sameer Parekh

    Managing Partner, Parekh & Co

It was a great learning experience where I got opportunity to connect with professionals working in different jurisdictions.

  • Robert H. Schuler
    Banking & Finance , Commercial Arbitration , Commercial Litigation , Corporate Law , Crypto and Digital Asset Advisory , Real Estate and Tech-Media-Telecoms in Thailand

    Robert H. Schuler

    goldRobert is a gold member
    Senior Partner, Blumenthal Richter & Sumet

Thank You to Our Membership Sponsor

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  • Thomas Paoletti
    Corporate Law in United Arab Emirates

    Thomas Paoletti

    goldThomas is a gold member
    Digital PartnerThomas is a Digital Partner
    Founder & Managing Partner, PAOLETTI LAW GROUP
  • Francesca Romana Valeri
    Corporate Law in United Arab Emirates

    Francesca Romana Valeri

    Head of Legal for Middle East, PAOLETTI LAW GROUP

Sharing Your Event Experience

We would recommend you write a short summary of your time in Dubai as this not only provides further firm promotion but also can remind the members you met to reach out and continue conversations. 

Many members have also shared their time in Dubai via social media platforms such as LinkedIn. This is another great way to further promote your firm’s attendance and to connect with fellow attendees. Some recent examples can be viewed below. 

We would also recommend commenting on any posts that feature members you met as this can again lead to continued discussions post-conference. You can easily find these posts by searching the event hashtag:

Drinks Reception

Wednesday 21st February

Sponsored by HLG. We hosted our drinks reception on poolside of the Anantara Downtown hotel, with city views. This was a great way to start the conference and gave us an opportunity to welcome our first-time attendees and reconnect existing members.

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Presentation Day

Thursday 22nd February

Presentations kicked off with an introduction into doing business in the UAE and we heard from keynote speakers on understand how to navigate this unique multi-cultural environment and how to build successful social and business relationships and drawing on seasoned leadership , explored the foundations of trust and loyalty between clients, advisors, and employees.

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Thank You to Our Speakers

Thomas Paoletti

Nasif Kayed

Natalia Sycheva

Thank you to our Exhibitor

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Evening Dinner

Thursday 22nd February

Attendees enjoyed an evening of live music and extravagant dance performances at the Theater. A great evening of food and entertainment sponsored by Skinner Clouse Group and Martin Kenney & Co.

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Breakout Sessions

Friday 23rd February

Morning sessions took place hosted by their respective room hosts exploring the growing vibrancy of the start-up / venture capital scene in the Middle East, and particularly in the UAE, and how it’s now beginning to attract foreign investors and how are global geopolitical events affecting mobility in the Middle East. Attendees also had the opportunity to visit the DIAC. The Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) is the region’s largest alternative dispute resolution centre.

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Closing Reception

Friday 23rd February

Attendees joined for an afternoon cruise to take in the views of the JBR waterfront, views of the Palm and Marina Skyline. for our closing reception. A great way to end the conference!

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Optional Excursion – Dune Buggy Safari

Saturday 24th February

Attendees headed to the desert for an adventurous ride on the Dubai Dune Buggy safari followed including lunch.

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IR Global Update

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During the conference Ross gave you their IR Global Update highlighting all our current IR initiatives and further opportunities for you as members:

Events Calendar

Virtual Events Calendar – know that even though our in-person conferences are starting again we will need to provide virtual meetings/get togethers to keep members connected. This will be the place to ‘e-meet’ members in 2024.


Virtual Sessions

Our 2024 virtual sessions will focus on speed networking, general and specific themes.

Regional Meetings

Many regional in-person group meetings have taken place since the start of the year across Asia and Europe with more planned for later in 2024.

Meet the Dealmakers

Launching in November 2024 IR Global will be hosting an M&A event in London. This will be transactional focused with content specific to dealmaking.

Our Values

We announced our new tagline ‘Integrity, Impact, Quality’. 

We feel that these words not only represent the ethos of IR Global as a company, but also of the network and its members as a whole. They are the guiding principles that drive our success.

Utilising the Network

View our membership pack for all the information and tips you need to utilise your membership.

The IR Global Team

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