Our Cross Border Private Client group has member firms in 70+ jurisdictions around the world.

Each member is carefully vetted on their firms’ expertise and experience. Being part of our international private client network requires members to want to lead the industry, not just to be another voice. Above all else our members are proud to hold the highest ethical standards.

We offer a full global service offering including; Tax, Immigration, Family Law, Wills & Estates, Wealth Management, Litigation, Accountancy and Offshore services.

Why Use an IR Global Private Client Member?

Cases in this area can be very sensitive, so our intensive vetting procedure is particularly important and ensures the professional and discreet handling of your private matters. What makes our Private Client Group unique though is the breadth of knowledge with experts from each of the legal, accountancy and financial sectors, providing unrivalled knowledge no matter what requirements arise.

Members are also highly regarded for being at the forefront of legislation in their country. In what is a fast changing marketplace they are culturally informed, to ensure seamless international support.

For this reason, the IR Global Private Client Network is fast becoming the ‘go to’ alternative for international businesses. Get in touch and see how we can help you!

Comité de Dirección

  • João Valadas Coriel
    Commercial Litigation , Real Estate and Tax (Private Client) in Portugal

    João Valadas Coriel

    MOTY 2018João was Member of the Year in 2018
    Managing Partner, Valadas Coriel & Associados
  • Dunstan Magro
    Business Advisory Services and Corporate Law in Malta

    Dunstan Magro

    Managing Partner, WDM International
  • Dirk Andreae-Nehlsen
    Tax (Private Client) in France

    Dirk Andreae-Nehlsen

  • Calum McKenzie
    Offshore Services in British Virgin Islands

    Calum McKenzie

    Director, Folio Group
  • Jason Susser
    Immigration Law in Tennessee and Immigration Law in New York

    Jason Susser

    Attorney, Siskind Susser PC
  • Cristina Guida
    Immigration Law in Canada – East and Immigration Law in Canada – Quebec

    Cristina Guida

    Partner and Corporate Immigration Practice Director, Green and Spiegel LLP

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