Comité de Ética

The IR Global Ethics Committee play an important role with the network in ensuring the highest ethical standards and the continued development of IR’s member culture.

The committee is made up of long-term members with a wealth of knowledge and experience who have IR and its membership base best interests at heart.

The committee works in conjunction with IR Senior Management to continually review and update our member protocols & guidelines. These guidelines provide information with regard to both sending and receiving client instructions, best practice and procedures in case of potential issues.

Furthermore, they will act as an independent body reviewing individual membership cases, including;

  • Membership renewals – Considering value specific members bring to the group.
  • Saturation – Reviewing jurisdictional coverage and member balance
  • Vetting – Assisting management in peer feedback.
  • Complaints – supporting IR management in resolving potential conflicts.

If any member or user wishes to raise an issue with the Ethics Committee, then please feel free to contact them directly. You can obtain their contacts details, by clicking on their individual profiles.

Comité de Dirección

  • Paul Beare
    Company Formations in England

    Paul Beare

    goldPaul is a gold member
    Digital PartnerPaul is a Digital Partner
    MOTY 2023Paul was Member of the Year winner in 2023
    Founder, Paul Beare Ltd
  • Katherine Evans
    Commercial Law , Crypto and Digital Asset Advisory and Tech-Media-Telecoms in England

    Katherine Evans

    goldKatherine is a gold member
    Senior Partner, Mirkwood Evans Vincent
  • Rebecca Torrey
    Employment Law (Corporate) and Employment Law (Individuals) in California

    Rebecca Torrey

    goldRebecca is a gold member
    Partner, The Torrey Firm
  • Michael S. Rosenthal
    Franchise and Distribution Law in Georgia (US)

    Michael S. Rosenthal

    silverMichael S. is a silver member