Roe contra Wade: la perspectiva jurídica

The SCOTUS’s June 2022 decision to reverse the landmark Roe v Wade ruling, and with it the assumed Constitutional right to an abortion held by women in the United States, sent shockwaves through the US and the wider world.

The July 2022 Court Decision Rejecting a Federal Right Choose to Terminate a Pregnancy

The Supreme Court of the United States decided on 24 June, 2022, that women do not have a right under the federal Constitution to choose to terminate a pregnancy by abortion. The case, Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, involved a legal challenge to a law enacted by the state of Mississippi, the “Gestational Age Act”, prohibiting the termination of a pregnancy under any situation after the 15th week of pregnancy except in a medical emergency or a severe fetal abnormality. A health clinic in Jackson, Mississippi and a physician associated with it had filed a case challenging the constitutionality of that state law, enacted in 2018 by the Mississippi state legislature, on grounds that it violates fundamental human rights established in the federal Constitution

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