How Tenny Amin built a legal practice for the wealthy and the marginalised in her community in California

Tenny Amin’s podcast and blogs say a lot about her as a lawyer and a person. She talks and writes about the challenges to help individuals and companies in distress in her native California. Whether penning an article on divorce cases among Hollywood’s celebrity elite or on issues involving domestic violence, Tenny treats all her cases and clients with the same level of empathy and expertise. This is why her caseload is always so full. From entrepreneurs to large corporations, Tenny’s clients come in all shapes and sizes. She’s a well known personality in California’s legal community through her continuous professional development, networking and sheer dedication to the cause, working 24/7 if necessary to achieve the right result for her clients.

Family Law and General Business Litigation

As owner/managing partner at The Amin Law Group, Tenny is a specialist in Family Law and General Business Litigation, with a special focus on Real Estate Law, Labor and Employment cases.

She’s able to work through complex disputes to achieve the right results for her clients. In Real Estate, for example, Tenny handles property conflicts, contract discussions, and conflicts related to landlords and tenants.

Meanwhile, her in-depth understanding of Labor and Employment Law enables her to win cases regarding wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, and wage disputes.

But it’s in Family Law that Tenny is most recognised by her peers and clients alike. She is known for having a deep understanding of the emotional and personal hurdles individuals confront while handling legal matters linked to families and family disputes.

From divorce and child custody to adoption and domestic violence, Tenny has extensive knowledge of the complexities of the legislation around families. Moreover, by closely collaborating with her clients, she ensures they receive the necessary encouragement and direction during what is often an emotionally challenging time.

Getting married in California

In her blog, Tenny spells out some of the issues her clients often face – and how she deals with them. From prenup agreements to marital settlements, she takes them through the exhaustive details that come with years of experience.

Even questions as basic as, “What do I need to know about getting married in California?”, will lead to a comprehensive set of answers by Tenny.

“Anything acquired during marriage is presumed to be community property,” she says. “This means that the parties’ earnings during marriage are community property (owned one-half by each spouse). Community property is equally divided in the event of a divorce.

“It’s important to recognise that spouses have a duty to support each other during marriage. At divorce, if there is a disparity in income, the person who makes more money will likely need to pay spousal support to help the other spouse meet his or her needs. Keep in mind that both spouses have a duty to put forth a good-faith effort to become self-supporting.

“Individuals about to marry who don’t like the rules and want to opt out of them should talk to a family law attorney about a prenuptial agreement. Individuals who are already married may want to consider a post-nuptial agreement.”

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Tenny is also a master at mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, which she believes is now a critical academic practice: “Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides individuals with a multitude of ways to resolve their disputes without a trial. It can include mediation, arbitration, as well as formal and informal settlement conferences.

“Mediation is truly a skill that must be taught and learned just as any other professional skill would be.

“A skilled mediator will help you assess and consider all plausible alternative options you might pursue if you are unable to reach an agreement with the other party. By estimating the value associated with each alternative, you can then select the best alternative.”

Membership of professional bodies

Outside work, Tenny is active in the legal community. She’s a member of various professional bodies and is a tireless networker. This helps her to stay on top of all the current trends in the legal sector in the US and in California, in particular. Above all, Tenny’s dedication to ongoing self-improvement and involvement in the legal community help her to offer clients the most current advice and representation possible.

Tenny admits that whenever she’s taken on to provide legal counsel, she burns the midnight oil, preparing the case for her clients with “meticulous attention to detail, and strategic thinking”.

She never allows anything to be overlooked when uncovering evidence and doing her due diligence to build a persuasive case for her clients.

Tenny likes to involve her clients every step of the way: “Effective communication is key. I like to actively involve my clients during the entire legal journey, keeping them updated and engaged”.

By offering clear and concise explanations of intricate legal concepts, she empowers her clients to make well-informed choices, ultimately enhancing the outcome of their cases.

Serving the local community

Along with running her legal practice, Tenny is devoted to serving her local community. She spends a lot of her time and legal know-how helping people who are marginalized or less well off and who can ill-afford legal services. It’s part of what Tenny says is a “commitment to social justice that drives her to help the less fortunate in society.”

In her role as an owner/partner at The Amin Law Group, Tenny is key to shaping the firm’s growth and believes an open culture and collaborative approach to the law and learning is instrumental in the firm’s success.

She says: “I like to cultivate a collaborative and supportive environment within the firm, promoting teamwork and a shared dedication to client satisfaction.”

Indeed, Tenny’s leadership abilities and capacity to motivate others have proven to be invaluable assets for the firm’s ongoing achievements – helping her win trust across the legal sector and within her local community.

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