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Previously exclusive IR Global advisor for Accounting Services and Tax (Accountants) in Belgium between 2013 and 1970

Yves Lecot

General Manager, Comptafid Benelux NV

+32 2 410 75 75


Yves was a past member of the Accountancy committee and held the position in 2014.

Yves Lecot –  Practice Areas Include:

  • Asset Finance;
  • Audit Services;
  • Business Advisory Services;
  • Company Formation;
  • Company Law;
  • Compliance;
  • Corporate Finance;
  • Debt Restructuring;
  • Employment Law;
  • Financial Accounting Law;
  • Foreign Investment;
  • Inheritance Tax;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Real Estate;
  • Tax Law;
  • Tax Planning;
  • Transfer Pricing;
  • VAT
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About Comptafid Benelux NV

Comptafid Benelux NV

Comptafid Benelux NV is a Belgian company established in Brussels since 1978 and Antwerp since 1995. The company is mainly active in accountancy and tax advice (national and international). Additionally to its own services, Comptafid Benelux guides its clients to the different specialists on the Belgian market such as notary firms, law firms, insurance brokers, real estate and financial specialists, marketing and publicity firms, etc.Comptafid Benelux NV services Belgian clients and the same time focuses on foreign clients for their Belgian as well as their international transactions. Located in the capital of Europe, Comptafid Benelux NV is committed to produce high quality work on a personal basis, delivered and aimed at practical solutions.With its international experience, Comptafid Benelux NV emphasizes the knowledge of languages and is sensitive to different legal cultures. Languages such as English, French, Dutch and German are commonly spoken in the company.Transparent hourly billing and low overhead lead to a competitive pricing which the client finds reflected by a specific overview of services provided and costs incurred.Since 1985 Comptafid Benelux NV extended her activities to Switzerland. In 1996 a new company was created and named Comptafid (Schweiz) Ag together with the take over of a bookkeeping office specialized in domicile company’s. A full range of accountancy, financial planning, corporate trust and legal services are also available. Its clients range from listed multinationals to sole traders.To increase the service to its clients COMPTAFID BENELUX NV is part of a European Network of independent consultants named T.T.N. (Transnational Taxation Network), having both legal and accountancy professionals.The common denominator is an expertise in taxation and a wish to provide a personal service. Corporate and tax:The corporate & tax team handles corporate matters such as the incorporation of companies, the setting up of subsidiaries or branches of Belgian and foreign companies, the drafting of shareholders agreements, the transfer of shares and the over-all governance of corporate structures.Mergers and acquisitions work is co-ordinate by the corporate & tax team, in collaboration with other teams for specific issues. The services of tax advice and litigation concern international and domestic aspects of company tax, income tax and VAT.The company represents different foreign clients as legal tax representative to the different Belgian tax authorities.Bookkeeping and audit The bookkeeping team handles the bookkeeping for companies and individuals on its own computer system or on the computer system of the client. The team handles interim reporting in several languages and presented to Belgian or other country specific requirements.Annual balance sheets are provided and published within legal Belgian law obligations. The audit team handles all audit missions in Belgium for Belgian clients as well as foreign clients for Belgian purposes. Consolidation:Within our economy the importance of group activities continuously. Only the consolidation of individual accounts of those companies that make up the group will allow the discovery of creditworthiness, liquidity, and profitability for the whole group. This is the reason why the legislator imposed the drafting of consolidated annual accounts. In this field, COMPTAFID Benelux SA, has all the required skills at its disposal operations according to legal standards as well as the companys internal standards.Financial This team analyses the financial aspects of the company, organizes the guidelines and helps the general management in its financial development. Files are prepared for leasing, rent, loan, introduction to banks or other financial institutes. Therefore, financial structures and analyses are provided.The team does the financial planning and control, financial management accountancy such as cost/profit analyses, costprice product and decision techniques.It deals with financial analyses on holding structures and take-over’s, restructure, etc.Special missions Based on Belgian law, special accountancy missions must be provided for companies, such as reporting on assets and liabilities in case of liquidation of the company. Comptafid Benelux NV ‘s partners dispose of the several legal authorizations to for fill these requirements.Commercial transactions:The commercial law team with national and international business transactions such as distribution, agency, licensing, franchising, sale and purchase, transport, real estate and construction. Insurance law, competition law and insolvency law are also part of the commercial practice.Intellectual property In matters concerning the protection of creation and creativity (copyright, trademarks, patents, models and designs, fair trade practices), the Intellectual Property practice group gives advice, consults in negotiations and enforces the interests of clients. The team handles the protection and licensing of technology, computer software, multimedia and the new challenges of the internet. Major clients also include companies in the world of media, entertainment, sports, television, motion pictures, the music industry, design and advertising. Litigation:The litigation team works closely with the other teams. Its work also includes recovery of debts, interim measures, injunctions, seizure procedures and measures against counterfeiting.Special attention is given by the external law firm to international aspects such as competence of courts and execution of judgments.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Accounting Services and Tax (Accountants) in Belgium

Edmond Machtenslaan 180 1080 Brussels