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Meggy Parengkuan

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Meggy Parengkuan is a Master of Law graduate from the University of Indonesia. Joining Grant Thornton, which later became Moores Rowland, as Head of the Legal Department in 2001, she established the law firm Mabel and Associates. She has since successfully led it to become one of the more reputable law firms in Jakarta, and in May 2011, it became associated with international law firm Marccus Partners.

Having herself majored in corporate and foreign investment law, Meggy and her team assist foreign investors in establishing legal entities, forming joint ventures with local companies, restructuring and merging with local companies, and covering any other legal aspects required of foreign investors. She is also well-versed in property and labor laws, as well as finance and banking. Meggy has been involved with numerous projects with the Indonesian government, the most notable of which was as a member of the team charged with revising the system for land and building tax, leading to implementation of the new system in 1990.

Following the United Nations Human Rights Council endorsement of the United Nation Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (“UNGP”) in June 2011, Meggy’s legal expertise was brought into play to assist the Moores Rowland team develop the award-winning MIHRSC indicators for assessment of human rights compliance. More recently her efforts have been directed to support the fulfilment of the grievance mechanism as the third pillar of the UNGP, and currently she is working on the provision of mediation training to involve companies and future independent mediators.

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About Marccus Partners Mabel & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Marccus Partners Mabel & Associates, Abogados

A whole raft of new laws and regulations has been passed in effort to reinvigorate the Indonesian economy. This has led to some confusion in the corporate sector, particularly in decoding how the different central and regional government regulations actually apply to individual businesses and companies. Awareness has thus arisen in the business community of the need for expert legal advice, whereas in the past many firms felt they could muddle through on their own.

Our team of legal practitioners in Indonesia bring to bear their local and international expertise in various areas of practice with emphasis on foreign investment, providing a ‘one-stop-shop service’ for our investors. Our lawyers are familiar with legal issues relating to foreign investment.

Legal Services

Our legal services are provided in the form of legal consultation.

Legal consultation comprises services such as legal advice on various legal issues, legal research, legal opinion and advice on corporate restructuring, as well as corporate secretarial services.

The legal services are rendered in accordance with our client’s requirements and include entrance advisory counselling and services, such as feasibility studies, analysis on appropriate operating/business structure, permits and licensing, recommendations on implementation of financial and operating systems and routine monitoring of systems. Exit advisory counselling, such as divestments, sale of assets, liquidations and conflict resolutions, also form part of our scope of services.

Corporate law covers a wide area, but the scope of services we provide mainly includes:

Assisting the client in company establishment (local) company for domestic & foreign investment

Providing legal services for corporate secretarial services

Providing assistance in obtaining the basic licenses of the company

Company Restructuring

We also cover a full range of Company Restructuring providing legal advice on merger and acquisition transactions and liquidations in accordance with the company’s Article of Association.

Securities Law

Our experience in this sector deals also with multi-jurisdictional exercises and coordinating, where appropriate, with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. We have also assisted in litigation processes regarding suspected violation of capital market law and regulations against the Capital Market Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM) in front of the Administrative Court (PTUN).

Contract Law

We provide legal services for the review and drafting of contracts, as well as assisting and accompanying our clients during contract negotiations.

Labour Law and Working Permits

Our employment and labour law counselling practice, covering the sensitive nature of employer-employee relations, includes drafting of the company’s internal policies, executing employment contracts for clients, assisting and representing clients in labour disputes, providing legal opinion and recommendations, as well as assisting our clients in obtaining work permits for their expatriate staff.

Additional Services

Our lawyers also advise on a wide area of other legal issues, such as provision of competition law advice, identification and protection of intellectual property assets in the Indonesian jurisdiction where our client’s products are likely to be produced, and land tenancy law advice, advising and drafting property-related security documentation, undertaking due diligence investigation, rental assignments, property management, coordinating development and construction projects. We have also been involved in tasks related to, among others, assisting in a litigation process regarding monopoly and unfair competition issues in front of the Anti-monopoly and Unfair Competition Commission (KPPU) and organizing, as well as participating in a series of seminars for the Book Publishers and Book Stores Association on intellectual property rights with the emphasis on copyright law.

In the development sector context, our project experience is diverse and ranges from small-scale private to large-scale public projects funded by various governmental and international donor agencies (e.g. national governments, international donor agencies, etc.) Our involvement in economic development and governance projects and programmes includes the review, drafting and revision of legal analysis studies and research reports, comparative analysis and assessment, review of respective laws and regulations at provincial and district levels, delivered in accordance with our sound and high quality standards.

We acquire fully qualified lawyers with extensive international experience in other jurisdictions undergoing transition. Their experience in the development sector in democracy programmes has extended into the areas of public law and human rights, tax law, broadcasting law issues, as well as the effectiveness of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering legislation.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Business Advisory Services and Real Estate in Indonesia

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