Douglas DePeppe über die FIFA-Weltmeisterschaft und Cybersicherheit

We are pleased to announce that through our PR Partnership, we have successfully secured the opportunity for our Trusted Partner Douglas M. DePeppe of eosedge Legal to feature on 4 globally established media outlets discussing the FIFA World Cup & the Cyber Security risks involved.

“Fans should be wary about social media links offering free streaming of matches. Sports-ISAO uncovered massive click-fraud schemes during past events which began with lures offering free streaming,” DePeppe added.

“After clicking on the link, the user’s device would become compromised and exploited to become part of a large botnet which engaged in advertising fraud. Once compromised, the device could be exploited further, such as credential harvesting leading to identity theft and other thefts against the device owner.” 

Read more about Doug’s thoughts via the following links:

Doug can be found on the IR Global website here.