Women’s Economic Forum – Business in harmony (WEF Poland 2022)

We are pleased to inform you that the Women’s Economic Forum – Business in harmony with yourself (WEF Poland 2022) will soon take place on 08 – 09.10.2022 in Katowice, Poland. As the LEGALLY.SMART law firm, we are honoured to be a partner of this unusual event, organised by the WICCI Poland-India Foundation, a non-profit organisation aimed at helping the development and growth of women entrepreneurship.

The WEF Poland 2022 is a unique event of the WICCI Poland – India Foundation, created in cooperation with the WICCI India organization, which associates 250,000 members and businesswomen from around the world. What is more, WICCI is based on the principles of sisterhood and support.

This extraordinary event was created primarily to support women’s entrepreneurship and strengthen their faith in their own abilities. It is intended to help with exchanging experiences and contacts between women involved in promoting changes in the modern world. All of this takes place during a special meeting for experts and business leaders from various areas.

This is more than just a standard business conference. It is a holistic event organized by women, for women and filled with feminine energy. The WEF Poland 2022 is an exchange platform that aims to help in gaining knowledge on how to manage yourself in business and discover the female potential. Every woman participating in the Forum will learn how to do business with harmony with herself, which includes getting to know:

  • How to become an entrepreneur and how to be successful in business?
  • How to identify risks and increase business resilience in times of constant uncertainty?
  • What is the global social policy on gender equality (Global Gender Gap Report)?
  • How do start-ups create the economic power?
  • Is e-commerce a recipe for a business with no outlays?
  • How to develop a business in the international environment?
  • How to obtain funds and take benefit from aid programs supporting entrepreneurship?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges for business during economic and social changes or ecological and technological transformation?
  • What is networking and what opportunities it provides to meet business and trade workers, representatives of government offices as well as international and non-governmental organizations?
  • How wellbeing is important in a business world and how can it help you to keep your balance?

The Forum will also be devoted to issues related to multilateral cooperation within the international WICCI network, which facilitate acquiring the new contacts and building new business relationships. Participation in the Forum is also a unique opportunity for economic and cultural exchange between Poland and India.

As part of the involvement of LEGALLY.SMART in WEF Poland 2022, our partners, Judyta Latymowicz, Ph.D. & and Michał Liżewski, will conduct workshops entitled: How to start a business legally and develop it smartly. This is the perfect workshop for all those, who would like to start their own business, but are terrified by the formalities and regulations associated with it. Before starting a business, it is worth getting knowledge and avoiding potential risks. Therefore, you can devote all your energy to developing your own company, not to solve legal problems.

The WEF Poland 2022, however, is not only about acquiring business knowledge, but also taking care of your personal internal development through participation in yoga classes in the line of principles of holistic approach to every part of our lives. We hope that the varied program of the conference will be met with wide interest and will prove valuable for the participants and that the meetings within the Forum will become a platform for building mutual relations.

To meet the expectations of participants, the event is organised in a hybrid formula optimal for everyone interested, which is a combination of full-time participation in meetings with online participation, for people who will not be able to participate in the Forum in person. Participants of the WEF Poland 2022 will be able to choose the option of full-time participation in sessions, backstage meetings and accompanying events in Katowice or virtual participation on the online platform, which will allow easier access to the substantive parts of our conference.

We cordially invite you to participate in the WEF Poland 2022 and encourage further entrepreneurial and business development.

Please secure your place at the Forum here: https://wef.idloom.events/wefpoland-en/register

We are looking forward to meet you at the WEF Poland 2022!