Wissam Abousleiman is raising funds for Lebanon to enter a team at the 4th ISKF World Shoto Cup


For nearly 3 decades now, ISKF Lebanon continues to be a dedicated organization towards teaching the traditional Japanese martial arts of Karate-do, Aikido, & Iaido.

Currently, we are training hard & working tirelessly to send a delegation, of about 40 officials, judges, competitors, & coaches, to represent Lebanon at the prestigious 4th ISKF World Shoto Cup being hosted in London, UK from Sept. 19-22.

We aspire to repeat our last internationally acclaimed success in Euro 2018, where we emerged amongst the top teams in number of wins (please check the links shared here to view the videos & results).

We hope that you can support us, so that we may again raise our banner high & represent our homeland with honor & pride.

Of course, for full transparency & disclosure, ISKF Lebanon will share the full financial details of the donations received & the manner of their spending with any donors upon written request after the competition.

Thank you in advance & best wishes (Ganbatte Kudasai) to our hardworking team!


ISKF Lebanon

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