Wicki Partners supports Capacity Zurich


Wicki Partners is proud to become the official legal advisory partner of Capacity Zurich, starting from 2019. As other major corporate partners already do in their own field of business, our lawyers will provide to Capacity Zurich and its participants pro-bono legal advisory services in all legal matters which might arise in a life of a start-up entrepreneur. Also, we will actively engage in the Capacity Launch and Boost Program.

Capacity Zurich is a non-profit start-up incubator in Zurich. Founded by Selina Benke-Bruderer, Emily Elsner-Adams and Valentina S. Velandia in 2015, it supports entrepreneurs with migration or refugee background in the realization of their business ideas and start-up projects. The founders say: “We firmly believe in the democratisation of entrepreneurial education and the creation of economic opportunities for all. Therefore, we envision a society that is open to new entrepreneurial ideas, in which everyone can contribute their skills and potential, and which values diversity as a strength, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, race or socio-economic background.

In the Capacity Launch and Boost Program – a formation and mentoring program specially tailored to this very diverse group of participants – a large group of seasoned experts engage on a voluntary basis in promoting integration and in fostering economic independence of the participants, and, as a consequence, in strengthening the economy in Switzerland. Since the inception of the program, more than hundred entrepreneurs have passed the program, so far, and continue to contribute to Capacity Zurich as alumni.

By entering into this partnership, we want to actively contribute to a culturally diversified economy, to the accessibility of legal and economic formation and to the creation of opportunities in Switzerland. We do this shoulder to shoulder with the energetic and inspiring team of Capacity Zurich.