What will be the biggest challenge clients face? What have advisors done in different jurisdictions to protect clients?

I was interested in what Margaret said and how similar and different the regulations are between Germany and
Mexico. CBD is broadly used here in percentages below the one percent of THC and there are more than a thousand uses for this.

The bill of law that is being proposed will consist of five different type of licences that will include the cultivation, the processing, sales, research and export or import. The intention is that it will be legalised countrywide. It’s supposed to be very big news on the marijuana market worldwide because it will represent a market of 120 million people – this compares with the US, where it’s legalised state by state.

Thus, issues around CBD and THC are very important. In Mexico there is big distinction between recreational and medicinal. The big debate right now is on recreational use. Some believe that a country like ours is not prepared. The authorities are not prepared. And definitely we don’t know the exact consequences or the impact that it could provoke to the national security.

Regarding CBD below a certain THC percentage, you can start a CBD brand with things like supplements. The authorities should grant this type of item. On this product the only risk or warning I’d give the client would be that it might take time. Bureaucracy can be hugely complicated because it’s a complicated topic.