What foreign entrepreneurs and companies wishing to set up in Spain need to do?


Allow me to introduce myself, I am Alba Pich, economist in the tax area of BNFIX PICH TAX LEGAL AUDIT, founding partners of BNFIX and members of the international network DFK INTERNATIONAL.

We are more than 200 professional lawyers, economists, auditors and business consultants at your complete disposal, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and other major Spanish cities. In 2022 more than 3,800 clients trusted us.

Today we wanted to tell you that Spain is currently a very good location for all those professionals, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and foreign investors who want to start their own business in our country or expand the one they already have in their places of residence. We have a very good geographical location, good infrastructures, good banking institutions and other alternative financing systems and more than qualified professionals, as well as the legal security of a first-rate European Union country.