Read our new publication: The Visionaries

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new publication: The Visionaries!

The Visionaries is your toolkit for navigating the current challenges faced by professional services firms, with the expertise of 35 IR Global members from 27 jurisdictions. Our featured members will elevate your understanding of global business dynamics, giving their unique jurisdictional perspectives on topics such as Global Mobility, AI, ESG, and Wealth Preservation. 

They will answer pivotal questions, including:

  • How is government policy on employment relocation affecting mobility?
  • Should AI have a place in disputes?
  • Is AI complicating copyright processes in your jurisdiction?
  • How is sustainability impacting real estate transactions?
  • What is the role of ESG in accountancy?
  • How are compliance laws and changing taxation impacting private clients?

Discover the answer to all these questions and more. Read The Visionaries now by clicking this link.