Global Trade & Opportunities – Are You Joining Our Virtual Event 19th – 22nd March?

It is less than a month until our next virtual event: Global Trade & Opportunities. 

Our virtual events continue to play a vital role in your membership, giving you a platform to connect and engage with fellow members worldwide from the comfort of your own office.

From the 19th – 22nd March 2024, we will virtually pave the way for our members to network, share insights, and discuss the importance of providing global support to each other’s client bases. Our sessions will have a key emphasis on collaborating across borders on subject matters such as Global Trade, Artificial Intelligence, Global Mobility, and ESG. It will also give you the chance to speed network to generate new connections, encourage referrals, and increase your own activity and presence throughout IR Global.

Thank you to our event sponsor, Mark Copeland Lawyers, for helping us to make this happen. 

Below is a snapshot of what you can expect throughout the week. Click on the links to register:

Tuesday 19th March  

Discover how AI will boost professional services by humans, not replace them, with Tom Braegelmann

(8:00am UK Time)

Later on, trusted partner Doug DePeppe answers the question of what’s hotter for 2024: AI or Web3?

(4:00pm UK Time)

Wednesday 20th March

Dr. Jesszika Udvari of Budlegal will host two sessions discussing the evolving role of ESG in professional services.

(8:00am UK time)

(4:00pm UK time)

Thursday 21st March

Attendees will receive an introduction from Tommaso Fonti of BACCIARDI PARTNERS on their Global Mobility practice. Each session’s group will then split off into breakout rooms to discuss topics including immigration issues, social security, and tax.

(8:00am UK time)

(4:00pm UK time)

Friday 22nd March

Members will have the opportunity to round off our virtual event with two one-hour speed networking sessions. These sessions will allow you to meet, connect and collaborate with your fellow IR Global members both new and long standing to the group.

(8:00am UK time) 

(4:00pm UK time) 

You can view the full schedule here.

Sessions are open to all members and their colleagues to maximise networking opportunities.

We can’t wait to see you all there! Remember to use the hashtag: #IRVIRTUALEVENT24

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