V&A Law Managing Partner, Sylvette Y. Tankiang Delivers Welcome Remarks at “Balancing Act: AI and Climate” Event

During the “Balancing Act: AI & Climate” event hosted by Villaraza & Angangco and organized by the Start2 Group and the German Embassy, V&A Managing Partner Sylvette Tankiang highlighted the pivotal role of collaboration between the various sectors and industries in bringing forth innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

While acknowledging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize climate efforts, Sylvette stressed the importance of its ethical and sustainable use. She also highlighted the unique role that lawyers will play as the individuals who will shape the regulatory frameworks that will guide people towards the responsible usage of AI. All in all, Sylvette underscored the need for a collective effort among various disciplines to ensure AI’s positive impact on our planet’s integrity.