UNIC’s Institute For the Future and Dubai Police G.H.Q Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

The partnership aims to enhance the collaboration between the two parties, offering all Esaad Cardholders the opportunity to pursue the University of Nicosia’s leading MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES24 NOVEMBER 2021— The Institute For the Future (IFF) – University of Nicosia (UNIC) and the Dubai Police General Headquarters (G.H.Q) have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, to further strengthen their collaboration and coordination in areas of common interest. The 3-year Memorandum signals an exciting partnership that will evolve the studies and practical application of blockchain and digital currency in the law enforcement field, offering all Esaad Cardholders the opportunity to pursue UNIC’s leading MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency, either on campus or online.

The partnership also entails offering joint activities in areas of common interest, including educational events such as webinars and workshops, which will be developed by IFF specifically for the Dubai Police. The first such event, which was open to the general public visiting the Dubai World Expo 2020, as well as via livestream, took place on the same day as the signing. Dr. Charis Savvides, Advocate and Law Lecturer at the University of Nicosia, delivered an hour-long training on “Blockchain & Digital Currency and Law Enforcement” to Dubai Police employees, introducing them to the following key topics: Understanding the Technology & Crypto Transactions, Conducting Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigations, Blockchain as a Tool for Law Enforcers, Case Studies.

A few words by UNIC and Dubai Police representatives present at the signing

Dr. Savvides signed the Memorandum of Cooperation in his capacity as the Acting Director of IFF. Conversely, the Memorandum was signed by Major General Ahmed Mohammad Rafi, Assistant Commander for Administrative Affairs.

We are delighted to support Dubai’s continued efforts to invest in Human Resources and Training and Education, especially in regard to their vision to assist Dubai Police in undertaking more structured initiatives towards educating & training their members in blockchain”, noted Dr. Savvides, who signed the Memorandum of Cooperation in his capacity as the Acting Director of IFF. “This is just the beginning of a longstanding collaboration between IFF/UNIC and Dubai Police, during which we will jointly address the needs of this learning process. We appreciate the interest of Dubai Police in our MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency and look forward to welcoming many more of its members to the programme”, he continued. Dr. Savvides concluded by underlining that IFF is committed to enhancing the collaboration by offering additional academic training programmes, in line with the continuous development of the blockchain space.

On behalf of Dubai Police G.H.Q, Brigadier Dr. Saleh Abdulla Murad, Director General of Gen. Dept. of Human Resources, underscored the strategic merits of the partnership: “Through our partnership with the University of Nicosia, we look forward to supporting our qualification projects, through which we aim to enhance and qualify human resources specialized in the field of Blockchain & Digital Currency; as part of our strategic plans, which include goals such as keeping up with changes and transformations in the digital world, combating emerging crimes, and proactive preparation for any evolution of criminal tactics.” Dr. Abdulla Murad concluded by highlighting the ongoing training and education component intrinsic to the partnership: “We aim to improve cognitive communication through our cooperation by holding workshops and educational seminars to benefit those with field expertise gain academic knowledge and scientific advancement in the field of Blockchain & Digital Currency”.

Saeed Albastaki among the first fully funded police officers on the UNIC MSc

Also in attendance was Lieutenant Saeed Abdulmuhsen Albastaki, one of the very first fully funded Dubai Police employees currently pursuing the University’s MSc degree on campus, a precursor to the now formalised collaboration between the two parties. The partnership has enabled Lieutenant Albastaki to immerse himself in the emerging domain, alongside the crypto research team housed at the University’s Institute for the Future, benefiting in parallel from continuous interaction with faculty, PhD candidates, and fellow students. He is thankful for the opportunity to study at what he calls “a great leader in the education of blockchains and digital currencies” and for the continuous support he receives from his employer in deepening his skillset. “Dubai Police has always been a supporter and a great promoter for people with talents […] I am very thankful that they have put their trust in me to represent them in completing my higher education in the Blockchain & Digital Currency programme at UNIC”, underlined Officer Albastaki.

Funding/Scholarship Opportunities for all Esaad Cardholders

The main provision of the Memorandum of Cooperation opens up this incredible opportunity to all Esaad cardholders, which all government employees under the General Directorate of Dubai Police are eligible to apply for. Once registered, the employees and their first-degree relatives (which includes a member’s spouse, parents, and children) can also utilize the Esaad Card provision.

More specifically, this collaboration:

  • Extends a special discount on the total fees of the UNIC MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency (whether on campus or online) to all Esaad cardholders.
  • Provides for an annual cohort of Dubai Police employees, who will be selected by the relevant Scholarship Department to receive a fully funded scholarship to the UNIC MSc degree — with the remaining tuition (and living expenses for those pursuing the on-campus programme) covered by the Dubai Police General Headquarters.

IFF and Dubai Police worked hand in hand to deliver the Memorandum of Cooperation

(from left) Bashayer Abdulla Alhashmi – Academic Advisor in Scholarship Department, Brigadier Dr. Saleh Abdulla Murad – Director General of Gen. Dept. of Human Resources, Hazal Aripinar – Business Development and Enrollment Manager at the Institute For the Future, University of Nicosia, Dr. Charis Savvides – Advocate and Law Lecturer at the University of Nicosia, Acting Director of IFF, Major General Ahmad Mohammad Rafi – Assistant Commander for Administrative Affairs, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Masnoor Hassan Alblooshi – Head of Recruitment Department in Dubai Police, Armantos Katsiouloudes – Enrollment Advisor of the MSc Blockchain and Digital Currency programme at the University of Nicosia, Lieutenant Saeed Abdulmuhsen Albastaki – Scholar Officer from Dubai Police, Captain Dr. Hamid Abdulla Murad Yousuf – Head of Scholarship and Efaad Section.

About the UNIC MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency

The University of Nicosia MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency is the world’s first and the leading master’s degree in the field, with more than 950 students enrolled since 2014. In line with UNIC’s declared objective in expanding accessibility to and affordability of higher education, the programme is made available to students worldwide through both an online and on-campus format and is linked to a combination of need-based, work-study and merit scholarships, including the Dubai Police . It is taught by renowned faculty and practitioners, including Andreas Antonopoulos, Antonis Polemitis, Mark Toohey, and Professor George Giaglis.

The UNIC MSc is designed to prepare competent professionals in the field of digital currency and Blockchain technology, helping to bridge the talent gap between supply and demand for properly educated engineers, developers, analysts, consultants, regulators, and policymakers. Students benefit from a broad background, combining courses in finance, management, computer science, and information systems, to provide a holistic analysis of cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems, applications, and services. Moreover, graduates are vigorously recruited into a range of interdisciplinary positions at the intersection between management, computer science, and finance, by top employers in the US, UK, and Western Europe.