Theme Day 20 Years ‘Magazine for Construction Law and Real Estate’


Our environmental law expert Ive Van Giel will speak on November 8, 2022 about the expiry regulation regarding the environmental permit. Is the proverbial “spade in the ground” within two years of granting a permit sufficient to stop the expiry of the permit?

Ive provides an up-to-date state of affairs based on case law and tests this against concrete projects (with regard to urban planning actions (including changes in function), classified facilities or activities, allotment of land, retail activities, vegetation changes, etc.). Examples from other jurisdictions are also discussed. Finally, the question is answered whether this expiry regulation (as stated by the legislator) “has proven its validity” or whether it… has exceeded its expiry date…
This session (11:30 am-1:00 pm) is part of the “anniversary study day” (with choice of sessions) for the 20th anniversary of the Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht and Onroerend Goed, of which Ive is coordinator of environmental law as a member of the editorial board. This study day takes place in Salons Van Edel in Antwerp (Terbekehof 13).
More information about registration and the full day program can  be consulted here .