The Treesistance – You Don’t Have To Be In The Forest To Join The Fight

In June 2023 (coincidentally, on World Rainforest Day), the Treesistance was launched as a new platform for the Sinchi Foundation’s work in the Amazon Rainforest.

Over the years, IR Global has proudly collaborated with our members through multiple initiatives to address human rights violations and illegal actions in the Amazon, providing tools / resources to those on the frontlines of protecting the environment.

The mission of the Treesistance is to revolutionise forest crime prevention, the protection of global biodiversity and how the world interacts with nature. This is achieved through the formation of dedicated ‘Forest Guardian’ groups to patrol and protect the rainforest, as well as an ‘Access to Justice’ model that enables the legal protection of land from deforestation.

These Forest Guardian groups consist of indigenous peoples, ranging from the chief to teachers and to students. Each group is provided training by Chief Dadá (of the Maró Indigenous Territory) and his team in using technical equipment, as well as safe confrontational and de-escalation techniques. In 2023, each Forest Guardian group is sponsored by an IR Global member firm.

Six of our member firms have pioneered sponsorship of the Treesistance’s Forest Guardian initiative, allowing for the creation of six different Forest Guardian units in different territories of the Amazon. A special thank you to Moore Barlow, Schwarz Law Partners LLP, Koffels Solicitors & Barristers, Synergy Business Lawyers, Nordeq and Illume Investigations. To hear from each of them on why they chose to get involved, click on our Treesistance brochure below.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here. All donations go directly to the maintenance of Forest Guardian groups.

Please contact [email protected] for further information regarding this initiative or visit